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This article goes through an introduction to Rokoko Vision. This section and many more can be found on our Rokoko Vision page.


Rokoko Vision is Rokoko's easiest and most accessible motion capture tool to create 3D animation based on video inputs.
With Rokoko Vision all creatives can now make high-quality animations without the need of a dedicated hardware setup. We recommend this tool as your first experience with motion capture as you can get really far with just your webcam and a phone. 3D character animation has historically been hard and time-consuming, but with Rokoko Vision, it has never been easier to get started.

How it works

Rokoko Vision works by extracting motion data from video. You can create animations in two ways: The simplest is to

1) upload an existing video or

2) create a new video by recording your movements with either one or two cameras connected to your computer.

Both ways will allow you to create 3D animation with tools you already have access to.

Note: Rokoko Vision supports a wide range of cameras and is designed so users do not have to acquire new hardware to use it. An existing webcam and a phone should work.

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