Generating Log Files For Your Smartgloves

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Below are instructions for generating the log files of your Smartglove(s).

If for whatever reason you are experiencing performance issues with your Smartgloves, our support team may request that you generate log files. These files will enable our team to inspect the hardware in your Smartgloves, and identify the issue. 

Generating Log Files

1. Open Rokoko Studio and connect only the affected Smartglove to your computer using the external USB-C cable.

2. Click on Configure or Device Manager.


3. Double-click on your Smartglove.

4. Click the Diagnostics tab followed by the Generate log file button.

5. Clicking this should open a file explorer window with the log files (rkk_USB_Logger_Date.log and usb_hub_Date-Time.log). Please zip these files and send the zipped folder to

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