Additional Services

Extended Support

We understand that sometimes technical support issues can hold up a production pipeline, risking a business critical deadline. For this reason we are offering our Studio Enterprise customers the possibility to request extended weekend support or a support point of contact for a defined period of time. If you require  support over the weekend or a point of contact for a specific time period, please reach out to for a quote.

Expert Consultation Service

You may need help in a particular area that falls outside the scope of support. For example, you would like an expert to validate your setup, providing suggestions on how you can improve your project pipeline or assistance with rigging a character in a games engine. No Rokokian should be left behind so we are trialling a new Expert Consultation service. 

You now have the ability to purchase a bucket of hours to have a member of the Rokoko team provide you with their expertise. If you would like to learn more, please share your consultation requirements by emailing us at Please be aware that Rokoko has the right to decline such requests if we do not have the necessary expertise to fulfil your requirements.

Designated Support Engineer

Studio Enterprise customers can now purchase a Rokoko Designated Support Engineer. This will be a a named, senior member of the Support team who will personally work with you to identify, troubleshoot and resolve all product related issues you may encounter. If you would like to know more, please email



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