Getting Started: Smartsuit Pro II Stand-alone/Glove-Ready edition

Later Smartsuit Pro II models require Rokoko Studio for setting up WiFi settings. Please use Rokoko Studio if your SmartSuit Pro II is not detected in Studio Legacy.


The following items are not included with the Smartsuit Pro II but are required to get up and running:

  • Computer - Click here for the system requirements
  • WiFi Router - Click here for a list of recommendations
  • Standalone Edition: USB power bank/battery(2A output) - Click here for a list of recommendations


  • Glove-Ready edition: USB power bank/battery(3A output) - Click here for a list of recommendations


Your Smartsuit Pro II comes in a box containing the following items:

  1. The Smartsuit Pro II - A textile suit embedded with 19 wired IMU sensors(17 sensors if Glove-Ready edition), a Hub, a USB-A battery connector cable (right-hand-side pocket), and an elastic headband(back pocket).
  2. A USB-C to A cable to connect the Smartsuit Pro II to your computer (for configuration).
      ( later MacBook models do not have a USB-A slot. Please use a dongle as a USB-c to USB-C cable may not work properly). 
  3. A waterproof Smartsuit Pro II cover bag, to take your Smartsuit Pro on the road.
  4. A hanger to hang and store your Smartsuit in a safe location.

Motion Capture Stage: Considerations

When using your Smartsuit Pro II at a specific location, it is important to consider the hardware setup and take some precautions to get the best possible performance.

Stay within the range of your Wifi network

This is to ensure a stable frame rate. Office, University, and Public networks are usually crowded and have advanced security so we recommend using a dedicated router.

Avoid Magnetic Interference where possible

Magnetic interference may affect the performance of the Smartsuit Pro II, but will not physically harm the sensors unless they are placed close to or on top of powerful magnets such as electrical motors.

We recommend creating a magnetic safe zone at least 1 or 2 meters (3 or 6 feet) from large steel/iron objects and devices that create local magnetic fields such as steel bars, loudspeakers, and cars. You can download a magnetometer app on your phone to check if your recording environment is ideal for using the suit.

The diagnostics panel inside Rokoko Studio will let you know whether or not the environment you chose is optimal. Once you have performed the calibration, the Smartsuit Pro II will provide feedback on potential magnetic interference for each of the 19 individual sensors in the Studio Diagnostics panel. The sensors have a margin of 4 milligauss fluctuation before they show up as yellow in the diagnostics panel.

We recommend aiming for 75% or more green sensors indicated for optimal performance. Should you notice that the sensors indicating magnetic interference are concentrated around the feet and legs, it most likely means the interference is coming from the floor. You can then either test a different location or do the calibration on a wooden table (this sometimes helps).

Putting on the Smartsuit Pro II

Note: Before putting on the Smartsuit Pro II, we recommend configuring it first. Click here to find instructions on applying your WiFi settings to your Smartsuit Pro II in Studio Legacy and here in Studio.

You are free to wear your clothing both under and on top of the Smartsuit Pro  II(as long as it is not made out of metal like a knight's armor!) For comfort and accurate placement of the sensors on the body, we recommend stripping down to your underwear and a t-shirt.

First, unzip the back pocket and locate the headband.

mceclip0.jpg mceclip2.jpg mceclip1.jpg

Sensor Placement

Standalone edition


Glove-Ready edition


Arms and hands

mceclip3.png IMG_20220401_1457541.jpg

Legs and feet

mceclip4.png    IMG_20220401_14591311.jpg


Remember to put on the headband with the head sensor placed in the position you prefer (we recommend within the highlighted area).


Please double-check that the sensors are placed in parallel with your body segments and tighten the straps (see charts below). 


Rokoko SmartSuit Pro II Getting Started Video

Putting on the Smartgloves and connecting them to your Glove-Ready edition

Put on your Smartgloves properly as described in this article and connect the USB-C cables that come out of the last hand sensors to your Smartgloves.

Note: Connect the Smartgloves to the Smartsuit before powering up!!

Make sure that you hear a 'clicking' sound after connecting the USB-C to each Smartglove.

mceclip3.png mceclip1.pngmceclip2.png

Get Started with Your Glove-Ready Smartsuit Pro II

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