CSV Export - Technical Information

The CSV export option creates a CSV file, constructed by the joints of the character and their corresponding rotations and positions. That means that the joint names (which are represented in as columns) are equal with the ones exported in the FBX and BVH. The CSV export will produce different results depending on which skeleton hierarchy that is chosen (i.e., default or biped skeleton). 

The CSV export follows the Unity world system, which means left-handed coordinate system with +Y axis is Up and and +Z axis is Forward. The timestamp is represented in milliseconds, meaning a value of 100 means 0.1 seconds. The rotations are represented as quaternions. The position information is using meters, meaning a value of 2.5 means 2.5 meters.

Position (P): The position of the sensors is represented as vectors from the origin of the coordinate system, with three axes (X, Y, and Z).

Rotation (Q): The rotations of the sensors are represented with quaternions, quaternions are 4-dimensional vectors (x, y, z, and w).

Sensor body location (Segment) CSV columns
Foot Foot_*
Hand Hand_*
Head Head_*
Hips(left hip and right hip) Hips_*
Interpolated Toe_*
Interpolated LeftToeTip_*
Interpolated Spine2_*
Interpolated Spine3_*
Interpolated Spine4_*
Interpolated Neck_*
Lower arm ForeArm_*
Lower leg Shin_*
Middle back (left and right) Spine1_*
Shoulder Shoulder_*
Upper arm Arm_*
Upper leg Thigh_*

 * x, y, z, or w axis of the sensor

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