Do you ship globally and what is the cost?

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide with UPS for EU destinations and DHL for all destinations outside of the EU from our office in Copenhagen. The shipping cost is a flat fee of $50.

You will receive a tracking number by email when we ship your product (i.e. when your order leaves our Copenhagen office).

Please make sure that you verify with your local relevant authorities if any customs fees apply to avoid any bad surprises once your order arrives in your country as this is not included in the price displayed on our shop webpage.

Rokoko does not cover these eventual national import duties and fees. 


Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be delays in the shipment and delivery schedules of your equipment. 


For more solid info on your delivery dates, please reach out to


Here are the package weight and dimensions for 1 Smartsuit Pro: 4kg and 430 x 312 x 132 mm. If extra customs fees occur for your country and you are not willing to accept them, you are of course free to come and pick up your order at our office in Copenhagen or have it shipped to a different country.

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