Best power banks for Smartgloves

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This article is for anyone who wants to purchase a power bank to use the Smartgloves as a standalone device.

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Recommended power banks

Please note that the Smartgloves do not come with a battery (Power Bank) due to shipping regulations.

To use the Smartgloves as a standalone device (without a glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II), you need to purchase two standard USB battery packs (Power Bank) that deliver at least 2A/2000mA from a single USB-A output.

When looking for a power bank, keep in mind these general details:

  • To power each glove, you will need a separate power source. We recommend purchasing two power banks from our "recommended batteries" list or similar. Alternatively, you can purchase a single large power bank with dual 2A outputs.
  • The batteries should be standard USB battery packs.
  • There should be a USB-A output capable of outputting 2A
  • The battery's capacity depends on the desired operation time. As a rule of thumb, you can expect about an hour of playtime for every 1000mAh battery. Therefore, we recommend a battery of at least 5000mAh.

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