Corrupted Smartgloves firmware (Failed to send USB command)

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This article is for anyone who plugged their Smartgloves into the PC via USB cable and noticed that the firmware is corrupted.

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If your Smartgloves failed to update the firmware or if they throw the error "Failed to send USB command" when plugged into the PC, then there is something wrong with the Hub firmware


There are several reasons an error can be thrown. Please check the points below:

  1. Make sure you have only one Smartglove connected to the PC at all times. Connecting multiple Rokoko hardware to the PC when setting up or when troubleshooting will cause issues
  2. Make sure you are keeping the Smartglove connected to the PC during the whole firmware upgrade process. Disconnecting it before the firmware upgrade ends will result in the Hub firmware getting corrupted

A valuable tip

  1. If the manual firmware process described in this article fails for any reason, try disconnecting the Smartglove from the PC, keep the Hub button pressed, and connect the Smartglove to the PC. Leave the button after 5 seconds. This will put the Smartglove into bootloader mode.
The Yellow LED on the HUB means that the Smartgloves are in bootloader mode
 Bootloader mode
The Hub button


Manual Firmware Upgrade process

IMPORTANT! This process works only on Windows computers. If you are using MacOS, you need to use a Windows PC or install Windows on your Mac (Dual boot or via a Virtual Machine)

  1. Close Rokoko Studio
  2. Connect only one Smartglove directly to your computer with the USB-C to A cable (do not have the Smartsuit connected)
  3. Download the  file(attached at the bottom of this article), unzip it on Desktop(as a folder)
  4. Then double-click on SGup.bat and your Smartgloves will be updated to the latest version 2.2.2
  5. After the firmware has been installed successfully, disconnect this Smartglove, connect the other one, wait for 2-3", and re-run SGup.bat (this must be done only if the both Smartgloves have this issue)

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