Smartsuit Pro II is missing an ID

Who is this article relevant to?

This article is for anyone who realizes that their connected Smartgloves or Smartsuit Pro have the same Unique ID in Rokoko Studio.

Which versions is this article relevant for?

Smartsuit Pro Smartsuit Pro II


In some situations, the Unique Hub ID of the Smartsuit Pro or Smartglove may be set in such way that it is the same as another Rokoko hardware you are using.

This doesn't affect the performance of each piece of hardware on its own, but it affects the performance of the system as a whole due to 2 or more hardware names overlapping.

Usually, the issues you will encounter are the ones below:

  1. Your Smartsuit Pro or Smartgloves will start flickering and you will not be able to use them correctly.
  2. You will not be able to maintain a stable connection and one of the hardware with the same name will start disconnecting.


To fix this issue follow the steps below or check the video below:

How to change the Unique ID of your Rokoko gear



  1. Connect one of the hardware that has the same name directly to your computer with a USB-C cable. If you are connecting a Smartsuit Pro II, connect a power bank to the hub as well.

  2. Open Rokoko Studio Legacy and navigate to the Wifi Settings


  3. Under the Wifi settings panel, click on the double-crossing arrow icon (first line of the Wifi settings panel) to give your connected hardware a new Unique ID.


  4. If you have more hardware that has the same Unique ID, please disconnect the hardware you have connected to the PC and repeat the process above.

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