Getting Started: Smartgloves


The following items are not included with the Smartgloves but are required to get up and running:


Your Smartgloves comes in a box containing the following items:

  1. Left and right Smartglove. The hub and sensors are integrated into the textile.
  2. Two short USB-C cables used for battery and connecting to your computer. (for configuration)
  3. Two long USB-C cables used for battery and connecting to your computer. (for configuration)
  4. A travel case for carrying the gloves.

Not included

The Smartgloves need to have a power source, like a power bank, connected to be able to turn on when they aren't connected to a computer. Have a look at our USB power bank/battery recommendations here.

The same goes for a WiFi connection and computer.


Motion Capture Stage: Considerations

When using your Smartgloves at a specific location, it is important to consider the hardware setup and take some precautions to get the best possible performance.

Stay within the range of your Wifi network

We highly recommend connecting to a 5GHz connection! This is to ensure a stable frame rate. Office, University, and Public networks are usually crowded and have advanced security so we recommend using a dedicated router.

Putting on the Smartgloves

Note: Before putting on the Smartgloves, we recommend configuring them first. Click here to find instructions on applying your WiFi settings to your Smartgloves in Studio Legacy and here in Studio Beta.

Before putting on the gloves you should pull up the zipper on the side of the gloves for easier access. To put on the gloves, put your hand into the glove and pull the leather on the bottom. Once the glove is on make sure that the sensors are on your second last finger joint for best accuracy. Finally, pull down the zipper and the Smartgloves should fit tightly around your hands.


Please refrain from pulling the Smartgloves from the side of the hub, where the wrist sensor is, as this can damage the cables and make the Smartglove unresponsive in Studio. If the size is too tight for you, do not force it as there is a risk for the wires and the hub due to the stretching of your arms after forcing them to fit you and using them.


How to wear the Smartgloves


How to NOT wear the Smartgloves


Taking off the Smartgloves

After you are done for the day or want to take a break, use the knots on each finger to pull the textile from your hand. Please all of them to move the textile away from your fingers and refrain from pulling the textile from the sensors because they can be damaged.


How to take off the Smartgloves

How to NOT take off the Smartgloves



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