Smartgloves are not appearing in Rokoko Studio


  • Smartgloves
  • USB-C cable

Smartgloves are not appearing after applying WiFi settings.

Several reasons could be at play, please consider that:

  • Make sure you are connected to a 5GHz network.
  • A firewall might be blocking communication between the Smartgloves and Rokoko Studio (see how to resolve below).
  • Anti-virus software such as McAfee is blocking communication between the Smartgloves and Rokoko Studio, please disable this to verify whether this is the cause.
  • You have entered an incorrect IP address (see in a chapter below how to verify). 
  • You have not connected a charged battery (with a minimum 2A output) to the power supply cable of the Smartgloves.

Disabling your Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall can sometimes block the communication between the Smartgloves and Rokoko Studio (which Studio will sometimes tell you by returning an error code 0010 when applying the WiFi settings). Please follow these steps:

1. Open the Windows Start Menu and type in "Windows Firewall":

2. Click on "Windows Firewall" and you should now see the Windows Firewall dialogue.

3. From the left menu select "Turn Windows Firewall on or off":

4. From the options for the Private and public network settings, click "Turn off windows Firewall" (warning: this is not recommended besides testing purposes).

Click "OK" to Apply the changes.

5. At this stage you should see following:

On Windows 10 you would see the same panel, but looking like this:

6. You can now test if the Smartgloves can connect to Rokoko Studio (quit and reopen Studio first).

If the problem was the firewall, you will now be able to see the live character inside Rokoko Studio.

After you verify if the firewall was blocking Rokoko Studio, remember to turn firewall on again by clicking again in Turn Windows Firewall on or off but this time select "Turn on Windows Firewall for private and public networks."

Click OK to apply these changes.

7. If you identified that Windows Firewall is blocking Rokoko Studio, you can add a rule to Windows Firewall to allow connections with Rokoko Studio

Adding a Windows Firewall exception rule

In this guide, we will see how we can make a firewall rule for our application to allow the Smartgloves to connect to Rokoko Studio.

The same process can be used if your firewall is blocking our live integrations.

1. From the Windows start menu, search and open "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security".

2. Which should open following screen.

3. Select "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" on Local Computer → Inbound Rules.

4. Search in the list if there is already a rule about the program you want to allow the connection, in this case Smartsuit Studio.

If there is not, please make a new rule by clicking "New Rule..." on the right side of the window.

5. In the "New Inbound Rule Wizard" panel that will open, select "Program" and click "Next":

6. Specify the program path:

For Rokoko Studio this would be "%ProgramFiles%\Rokoko Studio\Rokoko studio.exe" 

You can click "Browse" to find the program path in case it is different for you. Then click "Next"

7. Select "Allow the connection", and click "Next".

8. Select all network types you want to allow the program to receive data, make sure "Private" is checked, and click "Next".

9. Give a name and a description for the new Rule, then click "Finish".

10. You should now find the Rokoko Studio rule you just created in the Inbound Rules list.

Open the rule properties by double-clicking on the rule, or right click on the rule and then select properties. Make sure that the Action option is set to "Allow the connection".

Now your firewall should allow the communication between the Smartgloves and Rokoko Studio for this computer.

Disabling your MacOS Firewall

We have seen instances where adding a firewall exception on a Mac does not work. Please disable the Mac firewall by following these steps:

  1. Click the Apple icon placed at the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. Click ‘System Preferences’.   
  3. Identify the ‘Security & Privacy’ icon and click it.     
  4. Click the ‘Firewall’ tab to proceed.    
  5. If the firewall has already been enabled, click the ‘Stop’ button to disable it.

The Smartgloves cannot find the Wifi network

If your Smartgloves are having issues detecting the Wifi network, try disconnecting your battery from your Smartgloves Hub and only have your Hub connected to your computer by USB-C.  Once your Wifi settings are confirmed, plug your hub into your battery and disconnect the hub from your computer.
If you can't find you 5GHz network please have a look at this article:
Smartgloves cannot see my 5G Wifi network

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