Install the Unreal Engine Plugin from Epic Marketplace

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This article is for anyone who wants to learn how to install the latest version of the Rokoko plugin for Unreal Engine


The Rokoko plugin for Unreal Engine allows you to live stream your MoCap data from Rokoko Studio directly to Unreal Engine.

The latest Rokoko Studio Live plugin can be found here:


When a Marketplace version of the plugin doesn’t work or is out of date, please follow the steps to manually install it on your project.

  1. Use the plugin from the official github repository
  2. in the repository, there is a sample project. when you have your own project, you just need to copy the Plugins folder into your project
  3. in the releases section of the repository you can find binaries for the plugin - You need binaries for the plugin which are named like Smartsuit_Binaries_<UE version>.zip and that binary folder for a correspondent version of UE have to be placed into Plugins/Smartsuit folder


Get Started

The Rokoko Studio Live plugin from the Epic Marketplace can be found here:

  • Click the Epic Games Launcher and navigate to the Marketplace tab.

  • Use the search bar and type in “Rokoko Studio Live”.

  • Click on the Rokoko Studio Live asset.

  • Navigate down the product page and click the “Install to Engine” button.




  • Select your current engine version and click Install. This works for both version 4 and 5




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