Getting Started: Rokoko Studio

Download Links / Minimum System Requirements

Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Big Sur
Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) / AMD A10 7850k (Steamroller) Apple M1
Memory (RAM)
DX10-supported graphics card
Apple M1


Windows 10 (64-bit) Monterey
Memory (RAM)
Intel Skylake / AMD Ryzen 5 
Apple M1


Note:  Rokoko Studio is only officially supported on Apple-silicon Mac's, i.e. Mac's with a M1 chip or newer. Mac's with Intel CPU's are not supported.

Introducing Rokoko Studio


Rokoko Studio allows you to configure, preview, record, and forward Smartsuit Pro body motion data. 

Before opening Rokoko Studio, make sure to disable all firewalls on your computer and network as it might prevent the Smartsuit Pro from communicating with your computer. 

More information on firewall settings can be found here.

Please make sure to complete the following:

  1. Create your Rokoko ID
  2. Create a Team, selecting a Studio Plan and applying a voucher (If applicable)
  3. Enter a project

Signing In

Before you can start using Studio, you will need to sign in to your Rokoko ID. If you haven't already created an account, please go ahead and create one first.

Signing Up

To sign up you simply need to click on the sign-up link while on the sign-in page and fill out the form and follow the described steps.‌




More information on creating and managing your team can be found in this article.

Switching team

Since you can create multiple Teams, and because you will have a "Personal" Team created by default, you are free to switch between Teams at any time through Studio.




WiFi Settings Panel


  • NOU (different every time) - A human readable name for the Smartsuit/Smartglove. 
  • WiFi network - The name of the WiFi network you want to connect your Smartsuit to. This is also called SSID. As you will notice right away when you click the dropdown, Smartsuit Studio will start looking for WiFi networks available to you. If you don’t see the one you have in mind, just wait a little. The list updates every five seconds.
  • Password - The password of the WiFi the Smartsuit should connect to.
  • Receiver IP - Your computer's IP address. We have made it easy for you by showing the available IP addresses but you can always double check you are using the correct one by following this article.
  • Receiver Port - The port which is used by Smartsuit Studio to receive messages from the Smartsuit Pro. Default value is 14041.
  • Security Type - The security type used by the WiFi router.
  • Frequency band - The frequency band of the WiFi router. You can select 2,4 or 5,0 GHz or Dual Band.
  • DHCP mode - If set to Automatic, the router will assign an IP address to the Smartsuit Pro automatically, while Manual would require that you specify the Smartsuit IP and Gateway IP.


WiFi settings failed to apply

If you didn't succeed, no panic as it is most likely a WiFi setting issue that can easily be resolved. Please consider the following:

  • Verifying you disabled all your computer firewalls or anti-virus software such as McAfee (you can instate exception rules later on). Learn more here
  • Testing a different router and computer (you can even test the connection with a Smartphone hotspot)
  • Consulting this troubleshooting guide when the WiFi settings fail to apply.

HUB WiFi LED Explanation


200 FPS Boost

After clicking your Actor(top-left), you are able to record at 100 or 200 fps!!

mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png

Start Creating - Calibration: Straight Pose

Performing the calibration is arguably the most important step in the configuration process, so make sure not to rush through it.

Perform a "straight pose" (also called I-Pose), to calibrate the system by standing upright (but in a relaxed stance) with:

  1. Your arms down the side of your body touching your thighs/legs (see chart below)
  2. Your head pointing forward (see chart below)
  3. Your feet pointing straightforward (parallel) with a spacing of about 15cm between them. Tip: That spacing is pretty much your foot's width, so imagine you have a third foot in between your feet)


Click on your Actor(top left) and click on Calibration icon.


Remember to stand still while the software counts down from 3 once you click the "straight pose" button:



Video Walkthrough

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