Getting Started: Setting up Smartgloves in Rokoko Studio

Setting up Smartsuit Pro in Studio Beta


The following items are not included with the Smartgloves but are required to get up and running:

Setting up your Smartgloves in Rokoko Studio

  • Open Studio, click on Sign in with browser and insert your email and password.



  • Once your credentials were correct, you should have connected to Studio.


  • Click on "New project" and apply your desired name.


  • Then click on "New scene" and apply your desired name.

mceclip4.png mceclip6.png

  • Please connect one Smartglove to the USB port of your computer with the included USB-C to A cable (Anker). You may need a little extra force applied in order for the USB-C to properly connect(you will hear a 'clicking' sound).


A pop-up will appear on the lower right corner of the scene. Please click "Configure" to access the WiFi settings. If it doesn't show up, click on the Rounded dots to access the Device Manager.


Click on the your connected device.


If your Smartglove is not properly connected studio will show this:


When you have selected your Smartglove, you will meet the info tap of the device manager. Here you have a brief overview of: Device type, Serial number, Device ID, Firmware version:


Now click at the Wifi tap, and enter your Wifi settings.


  1. Find your Wifi network from the drop-down list and enter it's password. As mentioned earlier, we recommend a dedicated router for smooth connections and performance.
  2. Ensure that your computer is connected to the same WiFi that you wish to use your Smartsuit Pro with. Then, select the correct IP address from the drop down menu. Read this article on how to verify your IP address.
  3. Should you want to select a specific frequency band (2.4 of 5.0 GHz), receiver port of DHCP mode, you can do so via the "advanced Wifi settings" drop down. Click here for more details on supported WiFi frequencies.
  4. Click "Apply settings"
  5. Once completed, you will see a message saying "WiFi device connected". You can now disconnect the USB-C cable from the HUB and close the Device Manager.


At this point, you should see a grey hand in the scene, with the LED's of the HUB being both green. Then, disconnect this Smartglove, connect it to your battery and connect the other Smartglove to your computer.


Smartglove WiFi LED explanation

If connected to a 5GHz network you should see two green LED colors. If connected to a 2,4GHz, you should see one green and one blue and one green on yellow if connected to a Dual Band.


If you didn't succeed, no panic as it is most likely a WiFi setting issue that can easily be resolved. Please consider the following:

  • Verifying you disabled all your computer firewalls or anti-virus software such as McAfee (you can instate exception rules later on). Learn more here
  • Testing a different router and computer (you can even test the connection with a Smartphone hotspot)
  • Consulting this troubleshooting guide when the WiFi settings fail to apply.



Creating an Actor Profile and assigning it

Click on the "head icon" to create an Actor and apply the measurements of yours.



Once you do, click "Save" and pair your Smartglove to your Actor:

Right click on your actor and click on "Pair with live input".


For more information about Rokoko Studio click here.

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