Get Started with the Rokoko Headrig

The Rokoko Headrig has arrived! This highly adjustable solution is a practical alternative to motion capture helmets and chest mounts. 


Adjusting Your Headrig

Once you’ve unboxed your new Rokoko Headrig, you will need to adjust it to your (or your actor's) head.

To do this:

  • Start by turning the dial on the back of your head. This will tighten the Headrig to the circumference of your head, and works in much the same way as a bicycle helmet does.
  • Ensure that the Headrig is not positioned too close to your eyebrows. You will want to have some forehead space visible in order to achieve the best possible results with your face capture performances. Should the Headrig be sitting too low on your forehead, simply turn the dial at the back again to loosen and readjust it.
  • Once the Headrig is tightened and positioned correctly on your head, take the velcro strap running over the top of your head and tighten it. This will give you an even more secure and comfortable fit.

Mounting and Attaching your Phone to the Headrig

Now that you’re comfortably strapped in, you will be able to open the phone clamp that extends from the rig, and insert your device. Please note that the Rokoko Headrig is specifically designed to accommodate Mini, Pro, and Standard iPhone models.

iPhone Plus and iPhone Max models are not compatible as they are too wide for the clamp to hold them securely in place.

If you wish to use a phone model outside of the iPhone range, this will only be possible provided it has the same measurements as the models listed above. However, Rokoko’s Face Capture app is currently only available for iOS devices, and the Headrig is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Rokoko’s Face Capture solution - meaning we do still recommend using an iPhone. 

To attach your phone:

  • Open the clamp with your fingers.
  • Insert your iPhone.
  • Let go of the clamp with your fingers, and from there, the phone will be held securely in place.

You can find more information on setting up the Rokoko Face Capture solution by clicking here

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