Coil Pro - Known Issues

Last updated May 8th, 2024 for Rokoko Studio 2.4.4

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Details on existing Coil Pro issues that we are aware of.

Be sure to check our troubleshooting guide if you're experiencing any issues.

Magnetic Field Warping

Some elements and objects in a room can cause "magnetic field warping" to the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by the Coil Pro, distorting its position in the world. Currently, this is most directly indicated via the Diagnostics panel in Studio in relation to the "signal quality" value of the Coil Pro; the closer it is to 100%, the more accurate the Coil Pro defined position should be. We are, however, working on better understanding this issue and hope to generally improve it in the future. In the meantime, we recommend that you try in different locations and positions if you're seeing medium or bad signal quality for your Coil Pro.

See Magnetic Field Warping for more information.

Hand Jitter / Signal Noise

  • Update 07/02/2024: We've released a new smoothing for hands that can be toggled on/off, and this will greatly improve the situation when experiencing hand jitter. We know that this doesn't fix the underlying issue and sometimes a smoothing filter is not desired, but this is a mitigation to improve the situation while we continue to address the underlying issue.

There can sometimes be some or a lot of noise on the Coil Pro generated position, resulting in "hand jitter". This is especially noticeable if you bend your hand backwards (which causes the EMF generator on the Smartglove itself to saturate the EMF sensor used for the Coil Pro) or put two Smartgloves close together - at some point, the signal will simply "over-saturate" and the Coil Pro position not used at that time, but in the period up until that, you will see more and more jitter. We are working towards improving and solving this in various angles, and primarily aim to introduce some smoothing of the data very soon.

Other known issues and limitations

  • Sony mocopi is currently not compatible with the Coil Pro (i.e. with Smartgloves using a Coil Pro signal).
  • When calibrating, the origin position of the Coil Pro connected Actors is not changed to their Coil Pro defined world position.
  • It's currently not possible to set the Coil Pro to being ceiling mounted, unless there's minimum one Actor in the scene with paired Coil Pro connected Smartgloves.

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