Generating Device Recordings

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We will outline the steps on how to generate Device Recordings in Rokoko Studio.

These files will enable our team to inspect the scene and troubleshoot any issues associated with your Rokoko hardware or Rokoko Studio.

Generating Device Recordings

  1. Open Rokoko Studio, create a new scene and enter it so you can run your tests in. We strongly recommend creating a new fresh scene when running tests.
  2. Click the "?" button and click "Start debug data recording".rkkdevice - Copy.PNG

  3. Run your tests. After you finish testing, click the "?" button again and click "Stop debug data recording"


  4. After that, click the "?" button again and click "Open log files folder".
    rkkdevice - Copy.PNG

  5. The following folder will open. Zip the device_service folder, upload it to a cloud service (it's usually large in size) and send it to for inspection.


Our team will inspect the files and get back to you. If you require further assistance please reach out to

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