Smartgloves firmware v2.3.0


What's new

We're excited to introduce a major firmware update that brings enhanced functionality and compatibility to your Smartglove experience. It is required to update to this firmware version to be compatibility with Coil Pro and/or Rokoko Studio 2.4.3.

Here's a look at what's new:

  • Compatibility with Coil Pro
    Your Smartgloves is now fully compatible with the Coil Pro! This means improved detection capabilities and the ability to estimate poses relative to the Coil Pro device.
  • Improved Data Processing
    We've made significant changes to enhance the performance of your Smartglove. The firmware now offloads certain calculations, resulting in lower noise levels on the EMF data.
  • Frame Rate Optimization
    To create a more natural feel for the EMF system, we've adjusted the frame rates.
  • Sensor Fusion Enhancements
    We've added a preprocessing step, enabling the sensor fusion to run seamlessly. This step ensures that every single IMU data point is taken into account, even in the event of WiFi packet loss.
  • Technical Upgrades
    • The firmware build process has been updated to ensure a reproducible development and build environment.
    • Upgraded the toolchain for improved performance. Thereafter, updated code files to support the newer toolchain.
    • All dependencies are now managed as submodules for better project organization.

Known Issues

We want to keep you informed about any potential challenges you may encounter. Here are the known issues with this release:

  • On some channels, the throughput of 2.4 GHz WiFi may exhibit inconsistency.

How to update

Connect your Smartglove to Studio on your PC/Mac via USB cable. Studio will provide a pop-up with a notification that a new firmware update is available. Click the pop-up and accept the firmware update via the Device Manager.

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