Smartgloves firmware v2.0.11

What’s New

This release enables electromagnetic field (EMF) tracking in Smartgloves when they are used in Studio Beta. EMF tracking is now a part of our new groundbreaking tracking technology, which will in combination with our well-known IMU tracking technology constitute our upgraded sensor stack.

After the update, the EMF tracking technology is enabled automatically when Smartgloves are connected to Studio (Beta).

This release is also compatible with Studio (Legacy), with the exception that EMF tracking will not be enabled in Studio Legacy. This means that Smartgloves will work the same way they always have in Studio Legacy, using our IMU tracking technology.

This upgrade is backwards compatible for all Smartgloves. When we launched Smartgloves, we decided to include the needed technology and hardware to enable groundbreaking improvements in the future. This firmware is what enables the new tech.

For a deeper presentation of our new EMF tracking technology, please visit our blog post here:


  • Superior data quality unlocked by our upgraded sensor stack for the Smartgloves. Our upgraded sensor stack relies on both EMF and IMU tracking technologies, enabling great improvements:
    • Finger drift is eliminated
    • Higher precision on high dynamic movements
    • More natural finger expressions

Known Issue

Smartgloves cannot find 5GHz networks on certain channels. Recommended channels are 36, 40, 44 or 48. Please use one of these channels while we are investigating. This issue appears both on Rokoko Studio Beta and Rokoko Studio Legacy.

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