Getting Started: Rokoko Studio Motion Library

Main features introduced

Browse thousands of AAA-quality motion capture assets from the world’s top motion capture studios.

Preview assets in a 3D player and see them play on different demo characters before purchasing.

Buy high-quality motion assets for either $3 or $6 USD. Pricing is based on the complexity of the assets.

Store and share all of your purchased animations with your teams.

Get access to a large collection of free demo assets.

Import assets directly into your existing projects. 

Video Tutorials

Introduction to Motion Library in Rokoko Studio

Introduction to Rokoko teams and purchasing Motion Library assets

Browse, Search, Sort and Filter Assets

To browse the entire collection of motion capture assets, simply open up the Motion Library view and start browsing.

All capture assets can easily be previewed from their individual thumbnail by simple hovering it!

To get a closer look at the asset simply double click it. In this full preview, you get full control to inspect the asset.

Use the live search bar to search for any assets matching your search text. The title, publisher, categories and subcategories of all clips are automatically taken into consideration when you type.

You can use the search bar from anywhere to instantly return to the main view and search for cool new assets. 

Assets can be sorted both ascending or descending by their creation date, title or price.

You can filter assets to only shows clips of a certain gender and even show only clips that are designed to be loopable!

Assets can also be filtered on tagged categories or subcategories. 

Categories Page

The Categories page provides you with an alternative way of selecting categories to filter assets on. 

Publishers page

Looking for assets from a specific publisher? Go to the Publishers page! Here you can select any publisher to narrow your view to only their unique assets.

Teams Library page

Once assets have been purchased they will automatically be added to your teams library. In here you can view, inspect and import all of your owned assets! 

Importing Assets

You can import a single asset you own directly into any of your existing projects from the thumbnail. 

Or from the full preview. 

Select multiple clips to automatically import them all at once to a selected project. Note that this can, of course, be done both from the main search view and from within your team library. 

If one or more of the selected assets are not owned, you can quickly purchase them while importing. 

NOTE: When buying an asset from the Motion Library, you download it as an .FBX file containing only the movement on the skeleton. This means that no mesh or characters are included. Some assets come with finger animation as well, which will be shown in the preview and on the tag info in the plugin.

NOTE: Rokoko Studio does not support .FBX files yet. The button "Open import Folder" lets you quickly browse your newly imported files in your local file system.

Thumbnail Preview

The animation clip preview thumbnail lets you quickly preview an animation while hovering over it with your mouse. Hold and drag the LMB to rotate the camera to better preview the animation. 

The thumbnail shows you the title of the clip, the publisher and the price of the clip! 

The thumbnail has a border highlighting the current state of the clip. A blue border means that it has been added to the cart, a green border means that it owned and a white border means that you have selected it! 

Full preview

The full preview of an asset lets you get a closer look before purchasing and/or importing to your projects.

The full preview view shows you the full information of the animation clip; its publisher, price, details such as durationFPS, filetype and tagged categories.

Use the LMB to rotate the camera around the preview character. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out with the camera while the animation is playing back. 

The playback bar lets you pause and play, specify whether the animation should loop while you preview it, alter the playback speed and detach the camera from the character. 

Tip: Use space to quickly pause or play the animation, and use the left/right arrows keys to skip back and forth in the animation.

Change preview character on the fly by going to the Characters page and double-clicking another character or use the back button. 

Preview characters

At any time you can switch preview character for all animations by going to the Characters page. Select a character by clicking on it and go back via the back button or double-clicking the preview character you wish to use. 

The character thumbnail displays the name and publisher of the preview character and lets you rotate around the character for closing inspection.

‌The character thumbnail has three states which are indicated by the border. No border means not selected nor hovered, the white border appears when you hover over a character that is currently not set as default. Selecting a character changes the border to green.

Purchasing Assets

Any clip can be purchased while inspecting it in the full preview scene. Simply add it to your cart and complete the order from your cart. 

The cart is team-based, meaning you can add all the assets your heart desire and let someone else from your team worry about completing the checkout. 

Please note that a shopping cart can only hold a maximum of 30 assets a time. If more are added without checking out, they will be removed.

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