Managing Segments in Rokoko Legacy

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You will find information on creating segments in Rokoko Legacy. 

Segments in Studio are parts of a recording that will be exported as a standalone animation clip. This capability is available from Rokoko Legacy 1.15.0 . 

Creating a segment

Create a segment by holding the left Shift key and selecting a specific part in the timeline. This will create a new segment in the recording.

Resizing a segment

You can resize a segment by holding the left Shift key and drag the start or end key to the exact time you want to resize the segment into.

Renaming a segment

Segments have names. The name of the segment must be unique within the recording. Segment names will be appended in the export files. For example, a recording with name take-1 and two segments, named segment-1 and segment-2, will produce two files. take-1-segment-1.fbx and take-2-segment-2.fbx.

To rename a segment, hold left the Shift key, double click the segment name, and type the new name. If the name is not unique, the process will not succeed and you have to repeat.

Playing back a segment

You can playback a segment by selecting it. This will make the timeline only playback the segment and not the entire recording. To select a segment, hold left Shift and click on the segment.

Making segment loop smoothly (Including video tutorial)

A segment can be marked as an animation loop. If that is set, Studio will blend the beginning and end of the segment by creating a smooth transition between them. This is particularly useful for animation loops like walk cycles, run cycles, idle animations, etc. To mark a segment for an animation loop, hold left Shift, and click on the segment settings button (3 dot button on the right). Enable loop in the settings panel.

The start and end frames of the segment should be as identical as possible for the best result. e.g. for a walk cycle, the character's left foot would be touching down on the start time of the segment, and also the left foot would be touching down on the end time of the segment two steps after, typically 1 second for a walk cycle.

Segment settings explained

Loopable - Will mark the segment as loopable.

Start from origin - The character will start the loopable segment from the (0, 0, 0) position.

Align motion to axis - This is useful for walk cycles and general motion towards a specific direction.

Studio will rotate the character, so it is facing the axis which is closer to the direction of his motion. So for a character that is walking forward (+Z axis in studio) but with some offset of a few degrees, this option will align the character be perfectly align with the forward axis. The axis for the alignment is automatically calculated to be the axis that the character is moving more towards during the segment.

Close loop - Will close the gab in the motion of the character within the loopable segment, so the start and end position matches. Similar to Drift Fix filter. Useful for standing or exercise loops where the character ends in the exact position as it started in the segment. (note: this might cause some sliding depending on the size of the gab)

Transition time - How many seconds will be used to transition the end of the segment back to the start of the segment using frame blending. Use larger values for a smooth transition but be cautious as setting this value too high will result in losing details in the motion.

Delete segment - Deletes the segment.

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