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A collection of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Rokoko Smartgloves.

Do I need additional hardware to make the Smartgloves work?

The Smartgloves only require a battery and a WiFi connection to function. They can operate independently without the need for a Smartsuit Pro II. The Smartgloves connect to your computer via WiFi and do not require any external cameras or devices to function. As long as you have WiFi, the Smartgloves will work anywhere.

Is it possible to connect the Smartgloves to a computer without using WiFi?

You can connect the Smartgloves to your computer using a USB cable to perform a firmware upgrade or during the hardware setup process with Rokoko Studio. However, a WiFi connection is necessary to complete the setup, as motion capture data from the gloves' sensors can only be transmitted to Rokoko Studio through a WiFi network.

For more information on the WiFi requirements, please refer to this link.

Are the Smartgloves washable?

Unlike the Smartsuit Pro II, the electronic components of the Smartgloves cannot be removed. Additionally, they are not waterproof, which means they cannot be washed.

We suggest cleaning them with a slightly damp cloth or disinfectant, and taking care to keep them dry whenever possible. Alternatively, you can wear a thin synthetic glove underneath the Smartgloves.

What warranty do the Smartgloves come with?

We offer a 1-year warranty on all electronic components in the Smartgloves, which includes sensors, the Hub, and cables. This warranty is effective from the date of delivery. You can read more information about this here

What is the technical accuracy of the Smartgloves?
The Smartgloves have a rotational dynamic accuracy of ± 1 degree. The displacement accuracy is determined by both the rotational accuracy and the kinematics of the body model. Additionally, the Smartgloves’ sensors have an internal framerate of 400 and an external framerate of 100 (the framerate that is sent into Rokoko Studio).
How should you put on and remove your Smartgloves?
It's important to treat your Smartgloves delicately. Take extra care when putting them on that you do not tug too hard on the fabric, as this could cause the cable pins to dislodge. When removing your Smartgloves, use the loops on the fingertips to slide them off easily. 

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