What roles can I assign to my Rokoko Team?

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Each team can have more than one member. Here, we will take a closer look at some more details.


Collaborators on a Rokoko team can have one of five different roles:


An owner "owns" the team. They manage the billing information and the payments. Moreover, the owner ultimately decides who joins a team. An owner is a paid seat.


An Admin can administrate a team's collaborators together with the owner. They can invite new team collaborators (creators, members and viewers) to the team. An admin is a paid seat.


A Creator is can edit and delete scenes and projects in your Team. Creator is a paid seat.


A member is a collaborator that gets full access to Motion Library across Unity, Maya and Rokoko Studio for free on all plans. Please bear in mind that a member cannot top up the account balance or add paid collaborator roles to a team.


A viewer is a collaborator that only gets access to viewing and downloading already purchased assets on a team for free on all the plans. A viewer could be an external partner you would like to share some assets with or a fellow student in your school.

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