Creating a Rokoko team, selecting a plan and applying a voucher code

Create your first Team

A Rokoko Team is an entity to which you can invite collaborators. When you first log into your Rokoko ID account, you will already have a default Team available. From there you can create as many additional Teams as you like, allowing you to structure your collaborations in separate spaces. E.g. One for your professional work at your company, another for your collaboration in your side projects etc.

When creating a new Team, you will:

  • Give it any name you like
  • Invite collaborators to your team
  • Select a subscription plan
  • Confirm payment (if applicable)
  • Apply a voucher code (if applicable)

Once your new Team is created, you will be redirected to the Team overview page where you can enter each Team separately to manage its respective subscription plans, team members and roles.

Here is an example of a new team being created. One collaborator is invited and the starter plan is selected:


Subscription Plans

There are 4 different plans to choose from with the following features: 


Please note that all new teams have the option of a 30-days trial of Rokoko Studio Plus and Face Capture which includes 3 creator seats.

You can see all features included in each Studio plan by clicking this link.

Selecting a Starter plan

When you select a Starter plan, you will automatically be directed to the Teams overview page.

Selecting a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise Plan including Add-ons

You can click on the green Upgrade Plan button in the upper right corner to upgrade your Plan. When choosing a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plan you will be presented with a screen where you can add creator seats to your team along with any add-ons:


After choosing to continue to payment, you will be prompted to enter your billing information (This is required even if you have a prepaid voucher: 


Completing payment and applying a prepaid voucher(s)

After inputting your payment details, click Go to confirmation. On this page, you will be able to input the voucher code you have been provided. Only one voucher is needed to upgrade. Please take care to select the correct plans and the correct billing year (yearly or monthly). For Premium Plans and Face capture subscriptions, one voucher is needed as well (in contrast to the past where one voucher for each subscription was needed), which will set the overall fee to 0$.




When you accept the terms and upgrade, you will be taken back to the Teams overview page.


Applying an Add On license to someone in your team

When purchasing a Face Capture add-on, the license will automatically be assigned to you. You can apply Face Capture to a team member by clicking on the '+' by their role and choosing Face Capture:


If you do not have any available add-on seats you will need to click accept when prompted, confirming you wish to purchase one. In this example we are purchasing a Face Capture seat:




If you have an add-on enabled after reaching out to, you will need to enable it yourself by following the same process as mentioned above. In this case, you will be notified that the add-on was applied successfully and not that you will be billed.


Revoking an Add On license

You can revoke an add-on by choosing the relevant team member and clicking on the 'x'. You will be asked to confirm this action:

The license will now be available and can be assigned to another member of your team.

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