Supported WiFi Frequencies and Channels

Who is this article relevant to?

This article is for anyone who wants to know what WiFi frequency channels are supported by the Smartsuit Pro

Which versions is this article relevant for?

Smartsuit Pro Smartsuit Pro II

Things to consider

In general, the Smartsuit Pro does not have a hard time scanning and detecting the 2.4GHz wifi router you will be using.

However, as mentioned in this article, you may not be able to scan and detect your 5GHz wifi router due to the channel used.

For the best compatibility, please ensure the channel is set to 36, 44, or 48.

Rule Band Number of channels First channel Last channel Increments
1 2.4GHz 11 1 11 1
2 5GHz 4 36 48 4
3 5GHz 5 52 64 4


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