Smartgloves have Incompatible Firmware

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This article is for users who experience issues with their Smartgloves in the latest version of Studio

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With the release of the 2.4.3 version of Studio, a new firmware update for Smartgloves has been released as well. It's important to update your Smartgloves to the latest 2.3.0 firmware to avoid issues.

Known issues

If your Smartgloves' firmware is not updated to the latest 2.3.0 firmware, you will encounter:

  • Indefinite Smartsuit Pro loading in the Device Manager and inability to work with your Smartgloves and Smartsuit Pro, while the Smartgloves are connected directly to the Smartsuit Pro wrist USB C cables.
  • Inability to see your Smartgloves as Live WiFi Devices after succesfully applying their WiFi settings (if you plan on using them as standalone devices without the Smartsuit Pro)


To avoid any of the above issues while working with your Smartgloves, please make sure you connect one Smartglove at a time to your computer via the USB C to A cable provided by us. If you do not have the latest firmware installed, a pop-up window prompting you to update the firmware will appear. Follow the instructions and click "Update Firmware" to begin the firmware update.

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