Smartgloves Not Appearing in Rokoko Studio

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This article provides troubleshoot suggestions for when Smartgloves connect in Rokoko Studio, but do not appear in a scene.


The Smartgloves, just like the Smartsuit Pro, need their WiFi settings applied to appear in Rokoko Studio. The Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro shares its WiFi settings with the Smartgloves. This means that if you plug your Smartgloves directly into your Smartsuit, both elements will be powered as one live input. If you are not using a Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro, you will need to set up your Smartgloves' WiFi settings individually in Rokoko Studio.

After applying the Wifi settings you may not:

  1. See your Smartgloves appear in the scene of Rokoko Studio.  
  2. See your Smartgloves appear in the list of "Live inputs" on the left side panel in Rokoko Studio.

Things to try:

Check the basics
  1. Make sure the USB-C to A cable is properly connected to the Smartglove's Hub (you should hear a 'clicking' sound once connected) and to your computer. Additionally, try changing to another port of your computer. 
  2. Make sure you have correctly disabled your Windows Firewall and anti-virus software like McAfee. Please click here for instructions on how to create an exception to your firewall that will allow Rokoko Studio to work properly.
  3. Make sure you entered the correct Receiver IP ( that is your computer's IP running Studio). Please use DHCP Auto mode instead of manual mode.
  4. Test a (different) dedicated router (or even a smartphone Wifi hotspot), as shared office or university networks can be hard to connect to.
  5. Make sure you are connected to a 5GHz network.
  6. Make sure you have connected a charged power bank (with a minimum 2A output) to the power supply cable of the Smartgloves after applying the WiFi settings.
  7. If the above don't help, choose Manual DHCP mode and apply the Wifi settings. If this fails as well, try changing the Device IP to something different, as shown below. Usually you should see 128 as the last number. Try using 129, 130 or 131 for example.

Should none of these options provide a resolution to your issue, please contact us at

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