Getting Started with your Smartgloves

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This is for anyone who's looking to start working with the Rokoko Smartgloves.


Computer USB Power Bank WiFi Router
Click the following link to view the system requirements for Rokoko Studio.


The Smartgloves come in a box that contains the following items:

  1. A left and right Smartglove - the hub and sensors are integrated into the textile.
  2. Two short USB-C to USB-A cables for connecting them to the power bank and to your computer (for configuration).
  3. Two long USB-C to USB-A cables for connecting the power bank and your computer (for configuration).
  4. A travel case for carrying the gloves.

How to put on the Smartgloves (watch the video)


To make it easier to put on the gloves, start by pulling up the zipper on the side of the gloves. Then, simply slide your hand into the glove and pull the leather on the bottom. For the best accuracy, make sure that the sensors are positioned on your second to last finger joint. Finally, pull down the zipper and adjust the Smartgloves so that they fit snugly around your hands.

Tips for optimal performance of your Smartgloves

To ensure optimal performance while using your Smartgloves in a specific location, it is important to consider the hardware setup and take necessary precautions.

We highly recommend using a 5GHz WiFi network for optimal performance, as it ensures a stable frame rate. Office, university, and public networks are usually crowded and have advanced security measures. Therefore, we recommend using a dedicated router.

Additionally, it is important to stay within the range of your WiFi network to maintain a stable connection.



Please avoid pulling the Smartgloves from the side of the hub where the wrist sensor is located, as doing so may cause damage to the cables and result in unresponsiveness in Rokoko Studio. If the size is too tight, do not force it as this could lead to stretching of the wires and the hub when using the gloves.

Removing the Smartgloves

When you're finished using the Smartgloves for the day or taking a break, use the knots on each finger to gently remove the textile from your hand. Be sure to move the textile away from your fingers and avoid pulling it from the sensors, as doing so can cause damage.

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