Setting up your Smartgloves in Rokoko Studio

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This is for anyone who's looking to set up and use only their Rokoko Smartgloves. If you want to use the Smartgloves with your Smartsuit Pro II, please read this article.


Your Smartgloves have arrived and it is time to set them up! To use your Smartgloves, you need to configure them inside Rokoko Studio using the USB-C to USB-A cable provided in the case. Make sure you have downloaded Rokoko Studio first.

Follow the instructions below to set up your Smartgloves.


The following items are not included with the Smartgloves, but are required in order to set them up:

  • Computer - Click here for the system requirements
  • WiFi Router - Click here for a list of recommendations
  • USB Power Bank (3A output) Click here for a list of recommendations

Setting up your Smartgloves in Rokoko Studio

  1. Create a Rokoko account.
  2. Open Rokoko Studio (Download here if you don't have it installed).
  3. Click on "Sign in with browser" and input your email and password.
  4. Once you have entered the correct credentials, you should be connected to Rokoko Studio.

  5. Next, create your first Project, then create a new scene and enter it.

  6. Connect only one Smartglove to your computer using the USB-C to USB-A cable provided in the package. Make sure you hear the "clicking" sound to ensure proper connection.
  7. A message will pop up in the top right corner. Click the configure button.deviceconfigurepopup.jpg
  8. Click on the Wi-Fi tab of your Smartglovesmartgloves-3.png
  9. Scan for Wi-Fi networks using the search icon.
  10. Find your Wi-Fi network and select it (make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network on your computer). We highly recommend using a 5GHz WiFi network for optimal performance, as it ensures a stable frame rate.
  11. Input your password.
  12. Select the correct receiver IP (instructions here).
  13. Apply the Wi-Fi settings.

Note: If you want to use the Smartgloves on a different PC/laptop/Wi-Fi network, you have to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings and repeat the steps above (e.g., when you buy a new PC/laptop).


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