Rokoko Studio - Known Issues

Last updated January 22, 2023


  • We are hearing feedback about not being able to record motion data from connected Sony mocopi devices and are actively investigating.
    • We have been in contact with Sony who can now confirm it is an issue with the Sony mocopi mobile app. They will be looking into and deploying a fix as soon as possible.
  • We are currently recommending not exceeding 10 minutes of recordings per scene, and keeping most recordings to max. 1 minute.
    • We are working on underlying technical improvements to avoid these limitations in the future.
  • We are aware of a range of issues impacting motion capture data, such as fingers bending abnormally backwards when stretched out. We're currently investigating and giving this high priority.
  • If you're creating a new team, you will need to restart Rokoko Studio Beta to see it in the dropdown list.

Mac-specific issues

  • Rokoko Studio is only officially supported on Apple-silicon Mac's, i.e. Mac's with a M1 chip or newer. Mac's with Intel CPU's are not supported.
  • Some users may experience that they need to allow incoming connections every time they open Studio Beta, and not just on the first launch.
  • On some Mac computers, Rokoko Studio may crash if you resize the window.
  • When running in full-screen on Mac, Studio will open up in the same resolution that it was previously closed in, causing black bars on the sides.

Mocap Devices

  • Smartgloves cannot find 5 Ghz networks running on some channels, likely all channels at 52 or higher. As a workaround, use one of the following channels for now 48, 44, 40, 36.

Offline Mode / Sync Framework

  • When you're offline, you can't see any pending changes to-be-synced in the sync status panel. These will show up when you start up online and the syncing process start. This is purely a visual bug.
  • If you open a new scene before all pending changes in the previous scene has finished syncing, the sync status panel will be empty, until new pending changes are registered (it doesn't affect actually having the changes synced, it's purely a visual bug)
  • If you delete your "Sample Scenes" project and quickly thereafter copy a new sample scene, the sample scene will be copied into the just-deleted project. Waiting 5-10 seconds will avoid the issue.
  • The underlying, hidden "objects" in a scene that are created when a live input device is connected (e.g. a Smartsuit Pro) are shown in the sync status panel, although they are irrelevant.
  • Multi-actor clips are shown twice in the sync panel when being synced.
  • Moving clips in or out of folders while offline are not properly synced when going back online.

Actor Presets

  • The upper and lower levels on Actor measurements (too avoid too extreme values) are not enforced when editing an Actor preset. If you set an out-of-bound value in the preset, then a preset-spawned Actor will have the measurements changed to fit the min/max values.½


  • Starting a recording immediately after the devices are paired to an actor can lead to issues with the recorded clip.
  • Smartsuit Pro II Boost Mode can be toggled on/off while recording. This can cause issues with the recording.
  • When standing still and kicking one leg forward, the Actor can start to glide forward.
  • Actor/Newton's head blendshapes are sometimes causing mesh distortions on the side of the head.
  • Multi-actor clips won't work properly when recording with more than 3 Actors.

Sony mocopi

  • For mocopi recordings/clips, the first two edits made in the timeline are auto-reverted after post-processing has finished.
  • Starting a recording while there is motion can lead to bad locomotion results in the beginning of the recorded clip.


  • Opening a multi-actor clip, where one of more have the clips lack a target Actor (because the target Actor has been deleted and a new target has not been set), the clip won't function correctly and can't be exported

Face Capture / Face Capture app

  • When the Face Capture live input/app is disconnected from Studio, it doesn't show in the disconnected state in the left panel
  • The "ghosted" mesh of unpaired Face Capture input has a visual bug that makes the teeth look like an x-ray image.


  • If you've previously exported to a path on a Drive that's no longer present on the computer, e.g. a USB stick, export and setting a new export path will fail. Temporary workaround is to delete the local cache and/or re-install Studio.
  • Exporting currently takes as long time as the length of the clip you're exporting.
  • Exporting may fail (become stuck in an infinite spinner) if there's too many clips in the scene. Try to remove some clips and try again, after restarting Studio.

Motion Library

  • After moving the camera on a hovered tile, you cannot move it again until you move the mouse away and back again.
  • Motion Library thumbnails can sometimes appear too zoomed in, depending on your screen resolution.
  • On rare occurrences, the animation of the hovered Motion Library tile will playback on all tiles that have previously been hovered in the view.

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