Rokoko Studio - Known Issues

Last updated February 22nd, 2024 for Rokoko Studio 2.4.3


  • We are currently recommending not exceeding 30 minutes of recordings per scene, and keeping most recordings to max. 5 minutes.
    • We are working on underlying technical improvements to avoid these limitations in the future.
  • Most actions performed on the Rokoko ID website are not reflected in Studio unless you restart or sign out and back in, e.g. changing subscription plan, creating new teams or joining new teams.

Mac-specific issues

  • USB devices will not connect on Intel-based Macs (OS-level issue; not something we can fix)
  • Some users may experience that they need to allow incoming connections every time they open Rokoko Studio, and not just on the first launch.
  • On some Mac computers, Rokoko Studio may crash if you resize the window.
  • When running in full-screen on Mac, Studio will open up in the same resolution that it was previously closed in, causing black bars on the sides.

Coil Pro

For information on known issues for the Coil Pro, please click here

Device Setup & Configuration

  • There will sometimes be a short lag/performance spike after calibrating.
  • If you re-install firmware on a Smartsuit Pro, where some sensors are in the bootloader state and some are not, firmware will not be re-installed for the sensors and an Error 37 will be shown. This does not break anything, but does also not fix the sensors. Please contact Support for help to restore the sensors - we're working on getting this properly restorable from within Studio.
  • Smartgloves cannot find 5 Ghz networks running on some channels, likely all channels at 52 or higher. As a workaround, use one of the following channels for now 48, 44, 40, 36.
  • Rare issue where rapidly toggling Boost Mode on/off can sometimes set sensors in a bad state.

Offline Mode / Sync Framework

  • When you're offline, you can't see any pending changes to-be-synced in the sync status panel. These will show up when you start up online and the syncing process start. This is purely a visual bug.
  • If you open a new scene before all pending changes in the previous scene has finished syncing, the sync status panel will be empty, until new pending changes are registered (it doesn't affect actually having the changes synced, it's purely a visual bug)
  • If you delete your "Sample Scenes" project and quickly thereafter copy a new sample scene, the sample scene will be copied into the just-deleted project. Waiting 5-10 seconds will avoid the issue.

Actor Presets

  • The upper and lower levels on Actor measurements (too avoid too extreme values) are not enforced when editing an Actor preset. If you set an out-of-bound value in the preset, then a preset-spawned Actor will have the measurements changed to fit the min/max values.
  • Actors spawned from a new preset are not selectable in the 3D viewport in the same session the preset was created.

Recording & Editing

  • Starting a recording immediately after the devices are paired to an actor can lead to issues with the recorded clip.
  • When standing still and kicking one leg forward, the Actor can start to glide forward.
  • Actor/Newton's head blendshapes are sometimes causing mesh distortions on the side of the head.
  • Multi-actor clips won't work properly when recording with more than 3 Actors.
  • When you drag or zoom in the timeline, the grid markers sometimes show the wrong values.

Import, Retargeting & Export

  • Some retargeted Characters will have issues on their mesh when exported.
    • Update 07/02/2024: This issue is now improved and impacts fewer meshes than before, but is still present.
  • Rest pose issues on exported clips:
    • Exports without mesh and an overridden rest pose will result in a twisted rest pose.
    • Exports with mesh get exported only with the default rest pose regardless of the rest pose override.

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