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Un-plug and mocap

This is probably our biggest update since we first released the new Rokoko Studio in Beta back in January - almost a year ago! How time flies...

As you've seen, we've been very busy adding new features, improvements and fix bugs, but now we're finally happy to release the #1 most requested feature: Offline Mode. And it's actually more than that. We've built a whole new syncing framework, which ensures that all your work and changes are cached and stored locally, and the synced to our backend asynchronously, whenever there's an internet connection.

This means that you can lose connection or start Studio while being offline, do whatever you want, and then have all your changes synced to the servers as you go back online. This has been a big project for us and no doubt there's going to be some teething issues, so be sure to hit us up if you experience any issues with the Offline Mode or how your data is stored and synced.

But there's SO much more in this release. We're finally bringing Motion Library to the new Rokoko Studio, so you can browse, find, purchase and download animations from the world's biggest animation library - including tons of free assets.

You can also create Actor presets to be used across any scene, and by anyone in your team, so you don't have to re-enter the same measurements over and over again. Or maybe you want to rename your Smartsuit Pro II or Smartgloves to whatever you want, so you can always identify your device.

This and many more smaller features, improvements and fixes should make for the best release of Rokoko Studio Beta yet. Which hopefully only be called Beta for a little while longer!

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

Single USB device at-a-time

You can now only connect one Rokoko device (Smartsuit Pro/Smartgloves) at a time via USB, or at least only one will show up in Rokoko Studio at a time - as soon as you unplug one, another will show. This is because we've seen issues with connecting, properly loading and upgrading firmware for devices, when multiple Rokoko devices were plugged into USB at the same time.

Similarly, if you have a Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II, you will not be allowed to perform a firmware upgrade on it, if we detect that gloves are connected to it. These need to be unplugged from the suit first, in order to ensure a stable firmware upgrade process.

Return to Straight/Arms Down Pose

We've done some testing recently with using our "gloves" pose, i.e. straight pose but with "arms forward", since early tests show it yielded better calibration results, but additional testing has not confirmed this. So now we've returned to the good ol' "arms down" pose whenever you're calibrating with a Smartsuit Pro. If you're only calibrating Smartgloves, or you're force-calibrating only Smartgloves, you'll still get the "arms forward" pose.

New features

  • Offline Mode: You can now start Studio while being offline or go offline/lose connection while Studio is running, have all your changes cached locally and have it synced to the servers the next time you reconnect.
    • Note! There's an offline license expiry time, with the length depending on your subscription plan, so you will need to go online at least once in a while to refresh your license.
  • Motion Library: You can now browse, search and filter through all the Motion Library assets in the new Rokoko Studio, purchase them for your team (including a bunch of free assets!) and download their corresponding .fbx file.
  • Actor presets: You can now create Actor presets that you can use to quick spawn new instances of the same Actor name, color and measurements, across any scene. These presets are also shared with everyone else in your team.
    • Note! Changing a preset will not change any Actor in scenes that was spawned from this preset; it will only affect new Actors spawned from the preset.
  • Custom Rokoko device names: You can now give your Smartsuit Pro II or Smartgloves a custom name, so you can always recognize it. It will require that you have up-to-date firmware, so be sure get that done first.
  • New firmware:
  • New export options:
    • You can now override skeleton preset values, setting custom values for target skeleton, skeleton naming, reference pose and rest pose.
    • Added an option to trim initial "empty" space in the clips being exported
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Use backspace or mouse-back to exit Clip View
    • Use backspace or mouse-back to go back on the relevant Dashboard pages
  • Other new features:
    • You can now rename your projects and scenes!
    • In the Export panel, you can now override the skeleton preset sub-options, such as the skeleton target, skeleton naming convention, reference post and rest pose.
    • The Studio settings window now saves changes instantly, as you modify a value, removing the need to press "Save"
    • Added a right-click context menu to live input devices in the Scene Outliner, incl. the ability to open the selected device directly in the Device Manager
    • The rating survey now includes multiple (optional) questions, incl. a freeform text field in the end, so we can better know why you're giving us that specific rating. Knowledge is power! :)
    • You can now also access the Diagnostics tab for Smartgloves over a USB connection to generate a USB device log file, in case Support asks for it.


  • Improved motion capture quality / locomotion filter
    • Mainly due to a nasty bug that was found and fixed
    • More coming soon...
  • Improved graphics in the 3D viewport - Newton now looks a whole lot nicer!
  • Improved error handling, e.g.
    • Many more errors are now "caught" instead of just resulting in never-ending loading or processing.
    • An error popup panel is shown in several errors with a descriptive text, stacktrace and link to a copied log file, which will make it much easier for us to debug the issues.
  • General performance improvements, incl.
    • Projects tab in Dashboard load faster and is more responsive if your team has many projects and scenes.
    • Some backend endpoints now respond faster.
  • Several UI states are now saved locally, e.g.
    • Last selected tab in the scene right-panel (Devices, Livestreaming or Export)
    • Collapsed/open state of sections in the scene outliner
  • Several UI re-designs, incl.
    • Use of our new font, Inter
    • Update of our color scheme to better match our new brand colors
    • Updated UI components, such as dropdown, inputfield, checkbox/toggles and section headers, which should now overall look, respond and feel better
    • Updated right-click context menu UI, now also with divider line for a better overview on the large context menus

Fixed issues

General & Application

  • Fixed an issue where our log file would sometimes grow extremely big, into tens or hundreds of gigabytes! Not only do we now have much better logging, but we also fixed a specific issue that caused the same log entry to be written over and over again.


  • Fixed an issue where only the first user in a team could see the project where sample scenes are copied to.
  • Fixed an issue where Studio would be stuck in a loading state, if a user without the proper permissions tried to copy a sample scene.

Devicer Manager

  • Fixed an issue where devices would sometimes be stuck in a "Loading device data" state.
  • Fixed an issue where not all tooltips for wifi settings were shown when hovering the setting.

Scene View and Setup

  • Fixed an issue where Actor's retained their visibility status (e.g. hidden) when editing their Actor Profile.
  • Fixed an issue in Actor Profile where you couldn't edit the Shoulder Width value (it essentially set the Shoulder Height value instead)
  • Fixed an issue in Actor Profile where the auto-generated values sometimes showed a different result on the Actor than if you manually defined the exact same values.
  • Fixed the colors and transparency of all 3D representations of unpaired live input devices, so that they now look the same.

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • Fixed some issues with our calibration process that could result in the initial calibration performed not working correctly.
  • Locomotion: Fixed a fundamental bug in our gait phase detection, where it used two left feet! Now it has a proper right and left feet, which means our locomotion filter is now a whole lot more accurate.
  • Fixed several timeline issues, e.g. not being able to modify very small segments or not being able to move segments to start at frame 0.
  • When using undo/redo to activate or deactivate a filter, the UI is now properly updated.

Command API

  • Fixed some issues that meant certain Command API parameters were not properly applied in Studio, such as the calibration countdown time. This also fixes an issue where the countdown time shown in the Face Capture app didn't match the countdown time in Studio.

Other issues

  • Identified and fixed a bunch of issues with our backend API's and services.
  • Fixed an issue where "numpad enter" didn't always work for Enter keyboard shortcuts

New known issues

Offline Mode / Sync Framework

  • When you're offline, you can't see any pending changes to-be-synced in the sync status panel. These will show up when you start up online and the syncing process start. This is purely a visual bug.
  • If you start Rokoko Studio while offline and later go online, your changes won't be synced until you restart Studio while being online.
  • Synced scene assets in the sync panel are not removed from the list until all scene elements are synced
  • If you open a new scene before all pending changes in the previous scene has finished syncing, the sync status panel will be empty, until new pending changes are registered (it doesn't affect actually having the changes synced, it's purely a visual bug)
  • If you delete your "Sample Scenes" project and quickly thereafter copy a new sample scene, the sample scene will be copied into the just-deleted project. Waiting 5-10 seconds will avoid the issue.
  • The underlying, hidden "objects" in a scene that are created when a live input device is connected (e.g. a Smartsuit Pro) are shown in the sync status panel, although they are irrelevant.

Motion Library

  • Motion Library assets will hand/finger animation will have crooked fingers in the Studio preview animation. This is purely a playback issue in Studio and does not affect the downloaded .fbx of the asset.
  • After moving the camera on a hovered tile, you cannot move it again until you move the mouse away and back again.
  • Motion Library thumbnails can sometimes appear too zoomed in, depending on your screen resolution.
  • On rare occurrences, the animation of the hovered Motion Library tile will playback on all tiles that have previously been hovered in the view.

Face Capture / Face Capture app

  • If you pause the Face Capture app while having it connected to Studio (e.g. by opening another application on the phone), you will need to restart Studio in order to re-connect to the Face Capture app
  • If you re-open a scene with a paired Face Capture device, you will need to un-pair and re-pair to the Actor to see it moving.
  • The "ghosted" mesh of unpaired Face Capture input has a visual bug that makes the teeth look like an x-ray image.


  • Opening a multi-actor clip, where one of more have the clips lack a target Actor (because the target Actor has been deleted and a new target has not been set), the clip won't function correctly and can't be exported

Actor Presets

  • Actor Presets are currently not supported in Offline Mode; presets are not "cached" and available if starting offline, and presets can't be added or edited while offline.
  • The upper and lower levels on Actor measurements (too avoid too extreme values) are not enforced when editing an Actor preset. If you set an out-of-bound value in the preset, then a preset-spawned Actor will have the measurements changed to fit the min/max values.

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues for an overview of all known issues

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