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Rokoko Studio is out of beta!

The day has finally arrived where we are removing the "beta" tag from the new Rokoko Studio and making it our primary, official tool for all your mocap needs. This means we from this day onward primarily will promote and support the new Rokoko Studio. Studio Legacy is of course still around if you want to use it, and will still be supported, but we encourage everyone to start the transition now - we will eventually stop supporting Studio Legacy, probably in 6 months but no earlier than having Virtual Production offered in the new Rokoko Studio.

This release has mainly been about updating various elements of the UI to indicate its new status as a non-beta application, but there's also been a big focus on stability and performance bug fixes and improvements. 

However, there's also some new things we've included. You might have read we have built-in support for mocopi, Sony's new wireless trackers, and this is just the first step in transforming Rokoko Studio from an application purely used for your Rokoko mocap devices to a more general animation/motion capture application, with a wide array of tools, input sources and output options.

We're also now providing more info on the performance status of your Rokoko devices, automatically fetching new scenes added on our server (for when you create new Rokoko Video animations) and get new firmware messages when you only have your Rokoko devices connected via Wifi.

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • Support for Sony mocopi
    • You can configure access for up to 4 systems, each of them using a unique port, which can be configured in Settings
    • A connected mocopi system will show up in an open scene as a live input device that you can pair to an Actor, similar to a Smartuit Pro
  • Performance indicators added for Rokoko devices
    • See wifi/network performance stats (Smartsuit Pro + Smartgloves)
    • See solver/CPU performance stats (Smartsuit Pro)
    • We have some additional improvements planned for this feature to make it more informative in the future.
  • New projects and scenes are automatically synced to your machine if it's added on the server
    • Current purpose is for Rokoko Video uses, where their new scenes will automatically appear in Rokoko Studio. Expect a ~5 second delay.
    • This also removes the manual "Refresh data" button
  • New firmware notifications and info is now shown for wifi-connected devices. You'll still need to connect the device via USB to actually update the firmware.
  • You can now rename and delete the currently open scene from the header.
  • Motion Library
    • You can now click on assets in the cart to preview them in fullscreen
    • We've added more buttons/behavior to open the Team Library folder with downloaded assets
    • You can now sort Motion Library assets by name and added date, ascending and descending


  • Updated brand visuals and design for app icon, auto-updater, splash screen and login screen
  • Updated scene header design, removing the previous tab-like design, and always showing the current open scene in the top-header, with more actions available
  • Update toaster notification design
  • The dashboard should now run much faster and smoother if you have a lot of projects and scenes. An infinite scroller has also been added to the Projects page, so projects are continually loaded in as you scroll down.

Fixed issues

Offline Mode & Data Syncing
  • Synced items are now properly removed from the "items to sync" list
  • Actor presets can now be created and edited while offline
Motion Library & Team Library
  • Fixed several issues with hovering Library tiles
Face Capture
  • Fixed an issue where Studio and the Face Capture app couldn't connect and pair, unless both devices had their clock reset and fully aligned
  • Fixed an issue where Face Capture would stop working if the app had been minimized on the iPhone

New known issues


  • When running in full-screen on Mac, Studio will open up in the same resolution that it was previously closed in, causing black bars on the sides.

Offline Mode & Data Syncing

  • Multi-actor clips are shown twice in the sync panel when being synced.
  • Moving clips in or out of folders while offline are not properly synced when going back online.
  • When syncing some actions, the sync panel looks like it continues to sync items for a short time after the pending list completes. This is a visual bug and doesn't affect the data integrity.


  • Starting a recording immediately after the devices are paired to an actor can lead to issues with the recorded clip.
  • Smartsuit Pro II Boost Mode can be toggled on/off while recording. This can cause issues with the recording.
Sony mocopi
  • For mocopi recordings/clips, the first two edits made in the timeline are auto-reverted after post-processing has finished.
  • Starting a recording while there is motion can lead to bad locomotion results in the beginning of the recorded clip.

Face Capture

  • When the Face Capture live input/app is disconnected from Studio, it doesn't show in the disconnected state in the left panel.


  • If you've previously exported to a path on a Drive that's no longer present on the computer, e.g. a USB stick, export and setting a new export path will fail. Temporary workaround is to delete the local cache and/or re-install Studio.

See Known Issues for an overview of all known issues.

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