Rokoko Studio 2.3.2

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Improved Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves performance

We're still very committed to continuously improve the performance of our motion capture devices, and this update is very much focused on improving your Rokoko mocap device quality and experience.

We recently released new firmware for the Smartsuit Pro II, providing improved performance and accuracy with specific focus on reduced magnetic interference, and this Studio update also adds improved Smartgloves performance, so your hands should always perform on-par or better compared to Studio Legacy.

Studio also now provides a better experience if you run into issues with your devices. There's better status information within Studio, and if the device gets stuck in Bootloader mode, you can also restore it from within Studio within having to go through support.

Last but not least, we've also overhauled our underlying "export" framework, so exporting clips will work faster and more reliably than ever. You'll probably also notice a few other smaller improvements and of course a good chunk of bug fixes, as we continue to improve your mocap experience!

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • Added the ability to restore devices from Bootloader state, and permanent ability to force re-install firmware on devices, alongside better device status messages and error handling.
  • New Export option: Extract Root Motion.
    • Extract the motion of a character into the root bone of the skeleton.
  • We've created a sample project to show how to use time code with the Command API's start/stop recording:
  • Some keyboard shortcuts can now be held down to be continuously re-applied, e.g. left and right arrow to move frames in the timeline.
  • Loading screens now show random hints or fun facts.


  • Improved Smartsuit Pro II performance via updated hub/sensor firmware (v2.7.3 and v2.1.0, respectively).
  • Improved Smartgloves performance with more precise finger pose and movement.
  • Clip exporter has been overhauled for improved speed and reliability.
  • Export:
    • HumanIK skeleton target now supports roll bones.
    • Using the UE Mannequin skeleton target now exports an actual mesh (if Mesh is included in the data to export selection).
  • To avoid confusion, the wifi network field in Device Manager's Wifi Setup is now only a dropdown and not an inputfield. Choose "Custom..." to enter a custom network name that was not found when scanning.

Fixed issues

Device Setup & Configuration

  • Various bugs fixed in the Device Manager for USB devices, incl. the scanned wifi networks no longer containing any "empty" elements.
  • Fixed an issue where an error regarding Dns.GetHostName would be shown on some computers when opening a USB device in the Device Manager.
  • General improvements and fewer errors in the Device Manager for USB devices, when your computer is not connected to any network.

Offline Mode & Data Syncing

  • The Face Capture add-on license is now properly saved while offline, so you can continue to capture your beautiful face even if you're not connected to the internet.
  • The underlying, "hidden" elements in a scene that are created when a live input device is connected (e.g. a Smartsuit Pro) are no longer shown in the sync status panel.
  • Multi-actor clips are no longer shown twice in the sync panel when being synced.
  • Scenes with only "hidden" elements being synced no longer shows the fold-out arrow and counter box.

Recording & Editing

  • Fixed an issue where motion data could start to lag for Smartsuit Pro after 10+ minutes of usage.
  • Fixed an issue where you could toggle Boost Mode for your Smartsuit Pro II while recording.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-actor clips wouldn't function correctly and be exported, if one of more have the clips lacked a target Actor (because the target Actor had been deleted and a new target had not been set).
  • Changing pre-defined camera view now only changes the camera rotation and doesn't reset it to the scene's origin position.
  • In the timeline, the new min/max limit is now properly set if the play range is changed and the "current time" becomes out-of-range.


  • Exporting no longer fails if there's too many clips in the scene.
  • Improved exporting so it no longer takes as long time as the length of the clip you're exporting.
  • Opening or changing the export folder no longer fails if it previous used a path on a drive that's no longer attached to the computer.
  • Fixed various issues with the HumanIK and Mixamo skeletons, when using non-default Actor Profile measurements.
  • Fixed an issue with the Unreal Engine rig's reference pose.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mixamo skeleton when importing to Blender.

Face Capture

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Face Capture inputs couldn't be used at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where doesn't show in the disconnected state in the scene outliner, when the Face Capture live input/app is disconnected from Studio.

Command API

  • Fixed an issue where setting the start or end clip range value in the Start/Stop Recording commands weren't properly applied.

Motion Library

  • Fix a few minor issues with Motion Library appearance and loading of tiles, e.g. rotating the camera on right-click.

Rokoko ID Website

  • Fixed an issue where a newly added credit card didn't show up in the top-up popup.
  • Fixed an issue with the team balance momentarily being shown as $0, after adding money to the balance.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use letters when adding country code and phone number.

New known issues

Device Setup & Configuration

  • If you re-install firmware on a Smartsuit Pro, where some sensors are in the bootloader state and some are not, firmware will not be re-installed for the sensors and an Error 37 will be shown. This does not break anything, but does also not fix the sensors. Please contact Support for help to restore the sensors - we're working on getting this properly restorable from within Studio.
  • Found a rare issue where rapidly toggling Boost Mode on/off could sometimes set sensors in a bad state.

Recording & Editing

  • The first time you enter Clip View in a session, the timeline will not show the proper length of the clip. Zoom-in and back out to fix this.
  • When you drag or zoom in the timeline, the grid markers sometimes show the wrong values.

Command API

  • Setting a timecode in Stop Recording doesn't properly trim the clip

Motion Library

  • If you view a Motion Library asset in full-screen view before the tile screenshot has finished downloading, the full-screen view will be blank and not load the 3D playback data.

See Rokoko Studio - Known Issues for an overview of all known issues.

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