Looking After Your Smartsuit Pro II

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Below are our recommendations for storage, washing, and general maintenance of the Smartsuit Pro II.

The Smartsuit Pro II will inevitably become a key component in your creative tool box, and as such, you likely will want to make sure that you’re taking good care of it.



The Smartsuit Pro II is designed with durability in mind. But when not in use, the Smartsuit Pro II should be hung on a coat hanger and stored in a cool, dry environment.

The suit is tough, but there’s always a chance of cabling coming loose should you leave the suit in a folded pile for prolonged periods of time.  

As well as leaving the suit on a clothes hanger, we also recommend storing it away from any metal surfaces where possible.



The fabric of the Smartsuit Pro II is composed of nylon and elastane, and as such, it can be put in a regular wash alongside your other clothing.

You will of course need to first remove the electronic components of the suit prior to putting it in a washing machine. To do this, follow the instructions below or watch our video guide:

  1. Unzip all the zippers, so you can access the sensors and detach them all from the velcro patches.
  2. Do not detach the sensors from the cables, and carefully pull each one out of the back of the suit.
  3. Once all of the cables and sensors have been removed, take out the Hub.
  4. Zip all of the suits crevices up again before putting it in the washing machine.
  5. Wash the textile by following the instructions on the care label found on the neck of the suit.
  6. After the textile has been washed, reattach all the sensors to the textile by pulling each string of sensors through the Hub pouch (on the back of the suit).
  7. Funnel the strings of cables (2 for the legs, 2 for the upper body / arms, 1 for the head) through the internal tunnels.
  8. Place each sensor on the middle of its velcro patch vertically - except for the shoulder sensors which should be placed horizontally.



We do not recommend washing the suit at any temperature higher than 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

Let the suit dry naturally, and do not tumble dry it. Similarly, do not iron the suit textile, as this will likely damage it.


For best practices on taking care of your Smartgloves, please click here.

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