How to wash the Smartsuit Pro II textile

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This guide covers how to remove the textile from the electronics of the Smartsuit Pro II and wash it.


The textile of the Smartsuit Pro II can be washed along with regular clothes in a normal wash. All electronic parts can be easily removed from the suit in a matter of minutes. After removing the electronics, the suit can be washed repeatedly by following the washing instructions on the care label in the neck region.

Steps Guide
  1. Unzip all the zippers, so you have access to the tunnels with sensors and detach all the sensors from the velcro patches.
  2. Pull one cable with sensors at the time through the tunnels and out by the Hub.
  3. Remove the Hub and the five cables with sensors.
  4. Zip all the tunnels again before wash.
  5. Wash the textile by following the instructions on the care label in the neck of the suit.
  6. After the textile has been washed, reattach all the sensors to the textile by pulling each cable of sensors through the Hub pouch.
  7. Funnel the cables (two for the legs, two for the upper body / arms, one for the head) through the internal tunnels.
  8. Place each sensor on the middle of its velcro patch and vertically, except for the shoulder sensors: place them horizontally.

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