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A collection of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II. 


Is it possible to connect the Smartsuit Pro II to a computer without using WiFi?

You can connect the Smartsuit Pro II to your computer using a USB cable to perform a firmware upgrade or during the hardware setup process with Rokoko Studio. However, a WiFi connection is necessary to complete the setup, as motion capture data from the suit's sensors can only be transmitted to Rokoko Studio through a WiFi network.

For more information on the WiFi requirements, please refer to this link.

Can I use my Rokoko Studio license for both the Smartsuit Pro II and the Smartgloves?
Absolutely! No matter which Studio subscription you have, you can use Rokoko Studio with both the Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves. For more details about the various subscriptions, please consult the pricing table available at this link.
Can I use the Smartsuit Pro II or Smartgloves without Rokoko Studio?

No, both the Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves are designed to be used with the Rokoko Studio software to capture, process, or stream motion data. Rokoko Studio is compatible with both PC and Mac and offers the following features:

  • Easy setup for your Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves.

  • Real-time visualisation of your body movements through an avatar.

  • Recording of body motion that can be exported in various formats.

  • Footlock cleanup for captured data.

  • Real-time forwarding of data to plugins or custom applications.
Is is possible to use the Smartsuit Pro II without a WiFi connection? 

Short answer, yes! The Smartsuit Pro II has an inbuilt hotspot that you can connect to - perfect for offline or outdoor recordings. Read more about setting this up here

What do the various colours on the Smartsuit Hub and sensors mean? 
Both the sensors and the Hub on the Smartsuit Pro II are equipped with LED lights. These lights change colour to communicate certain things to you. You can read more about this here
Some of the sensors on the Smartsuit Pro II don't appear to be working? 
You may come across a scenario where some of your sensors seemingly stop working i.e in the left arm, or the right leg. Don't panic if this happens. Normally it's something that can be resolved by simply re-powering the suit (unplugging and then replugging the powerbank). However, if for whatever reason the issue persists, please read this article for further troubleshooting advice, or contact
Can I wash my Smartsuit Pro II? 

You can certainly wash the textile of your Smartsuit Pro II. For obvious reasons, you'll need to make sure you remove the electronic components of the suit first. You can find washing instructions, and general advice for taking good care of your Rokoko equipment here

What kind of warranty does my Smartsuit Pro II have? 
All Rokoko products come with a default one year warranty. You can read more details about this here
What should I do if my Smartsuit Pro II isn't appearing in Rokoko Studio? 
If you are seeing a green message pop up to tell you that your wifi settings have been applied correctly in Rokoko Studio, but do not see your Smartsuit Pro II in the software, there are a few different things to check. This comprehensive article details each of them. If on the other hand, you aren't able to apply any wifi settings because nothing is happening at all when plugging your Smartsuit Pro II into the computer, there are a couple of other things you can check. Firstly, make sure that the USB A to C cable is correctly plugged in to the computer and the Hub. You should hear a little click when plugging this cable into the Hub on the back of the suit. Failing this, if you are using a newer Mac, there could be an issue with the USB adapter. When in doubt, it's always best to contact us at - we'll be ready to assist you in a flash! 

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