Coil Pro Specifications and Recommendations For Use

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This is for anyone who's looking to start working with Rokoko Studio

Which hardware is this compatible with?

Smartgloves   Smartsuit Pro II  Smartsuit Pro I


The Coil Pro is here to reduce inertial drift on the overall position of an actor's body, and can help you to achieve absolute positioning. 



Even though the Coil Pro is compatible with Smartsuit Pro I through the use of Smartgloves, it is only supported by Rokoko Studio and not Rokoko Studio Legacy.

How It Works

The Coil Pro works in conjunction with the EMF (Electromagnetic field tracking) technology found in Rokoko’s Smartgloves. This means that the Coil Pro can be used with both the Smartsuit Pro I and II, but only when they are paired alongside a set of connected Smartgloves. The Coil Pro does not use or connect to wifi or the internet. However the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves do. This means that a router is still needed to connect the Smartsuit and Smartgloves to track the electromagnetic field that is created by the Coil Pro.



The Coil Pro’s capture space is 5 meters in diameter. If you move out of the Coil Pro’s capture space - meaning if you are further away from the coil than 5 meters - then the inertial sensors in Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves will kick in so as to not disturb the recording. Your Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves will then function exactly as they would in a setup where a Coil Pro is not present. When you then move back into the Coil Pro capture space, your setup will automatically start to use the Coil Pro’s magnetic field again. 


Power Supply And Specifications

The Coil Pro comes with its own dedicated power supply. This power supply comes with an adapter for EU, US, UK, and Australian plug outlets. 

It’s important that the power supply is used exclusively for the Coil Pro. Using it to power other devices you own could result in damage to those devices.

The number of devices that can be supported by the Coil Pro in the same recording will depend on the calculation power of your PC, and also your WiFi router’s specs. You can view our recommendations here, and our router recommendations here

For total accuracy, the maximum number of devices/actors in a scene is three. 


Things To Avoid

Ferrous metals - such as iron - will affect the electromagnetic field emitted by the Coil Pro. Therefore, for the optimal capture performance, do not place the Coil Pro close to ferrous metals.


Once you're setup and ready to record, please take a look at these instructions.

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