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A collection of the most frequently asked questions about the Coil Pro. 

πŸ”˜ What happens if I move out of the Coil Pro capture space?

If using both Smartgloves and a Smartsuit, the IMU sensors of the suit will take over to calculate your world position when you leave the capture space, so that there is as little disruption to your recording as possible. If using only Smartgloves, your world position will be locked to their last known position before you left the Coil's capture space. For optimal performance we recommend staying within the capture area while recording a scene. You can find more details on the Coil Pro capture space here

πŸ”˜ What do the different lights/colours on top of the Coil Pro mean?

The built-in LED ring on the top of the Coil Pro will light up in different colours and patterns to communicate certain states to you. A list of each LED behaviour and its associated meaning can be found here

πŸ”˜ Can I use the elevation tracking feature with the Coil Pro?

At the moment, it is not possible to use the elevation tracking feature in conjunction with the Coil Pro. 

πŸ”˜ How do I update to the latest Coil Pro firmware?

It's a good idea to check for a firmware update every now and then. To do so, use the red USB A to C cable that came with your Coil Pro to connect it to your PC. Open Rokoko Studio, and if a firmware update is available, a pop up window will appear prompting you to update. 

πŸ”˜ What is the size of the thread used for mounting the Coil Pro to a tripod? Any tripod recommendations? 
At the bottom of the Coil Pro is a 1/4”-20 UNC thread mount, meaning that it can easily be mounted to a tripod. We recommend using a quick release camera plate (such as this one) and a Manfrotto tripod (such as this one).
πŸ”˜ Should I calibrate my actor differently when using the Coil Pro?

Calibrating your actor with the Coil Pro is the same process as calibrating without a Coil Pro. Simply assume the position shown in Studio. However, if you are multiple actors in a space, ensure that each person is facing the same direction when calibrating. More information on calibrating can be found here

πŸ”˜ What types of metals can affect the Coil Pro capture space?
All metals can affect the Coil Pro signal quality. Ferrous metals in particular can cause issues. This means any metal that contains iron should be kept well away from your Coil Pro when in use. Examples of ferrous metals include steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. 
πŸ”˜ Can I increase the Coil Pro capture space by using a second Coil? 
It is not currently possible to expand the capture space by using an additional Coil Pro. 
πŸ”˜ What is the strength and frequency of the Coil Pro's magnetic field?

The Coil Pro's magnetic field emits a frequency that is below most other common household devices. For further reading, we have compiled this comprehensive guide that runs through the compliance and safety standards of the Coil Pro.

The Coil Pro's magnetic field strength is as follows: 

Bx=0.5 ΞΌT  

By=0.5 ΞΌT  

Bz=0.5 ΞΌT  

Conditions: Field strength is measured 1 metre away from the centre of the Coil Pro.

Its frequency is: 

X: 20333 Hz

Y: 20667 Hz

Z: 21000 Hz

πŸ”˜ What is the power consumption of the Coil Pro? 

The maximum power consumption of the Coil is 12W.

Conditions: 12VDC supply

πŸ”˜ What is the maximum number of actors that can connect to Studio and the Coil Pro at once?

Connecting multiple devices in Studio will depend on the calculation power of your PC, and also your WiFi router’s specs. You can view our recommendations here, and our router recommendations here. However, there is a high risk of WiFi lag when connecting more than three actors to Rokoko Studio at a time, with or without the Coil Pro. 




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