Setting Up The Coil Pro

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Learn how to set up and use the Coil Pro. The below guide includes information on mounting options, Smartglove requirements, step-by-step recording instructions, and tips for optimizing capture space.

Once you're ready to begin using the Coil Pro, it can be mounted on a regular tripod via the threaded mount on the bottom of the Coil Pro. This mount can also be used to position the Coil Pro upside-down over a capture space. Or you can simply place the Coil Pro on a flat surface. 


  • To use the Coil Pro, you will need a pair of Smartgloves.
  • The Smartgloves need to be detected as WiFi live inputs in Rokoko Studio before the Coil Pro can be detected and appear in Studio. This means you will need to set up your Smartgloves if you have not already. Please find our setting up guide for the glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II here. If you are using Smartgloves without a suit, you will need to set them up individually as standalone devices as explained here.
  • For your initial Coil Pro setup, we recommend using your Smartgloves on their own and without the Smartsuit. This will help you to check that the Coil Pro's EMF function is not affected by any environmental interference. 

    If you already have a pair of Smartgloves and a Smartsuit that are configured, you will need to connect these to your PC and update to the newest firmware before they are compatible with the Coil Pro. 

To Begin Recording With the Coil Pro:

  1. Launch Rokoko Studio on your computer/laptop. Please note, you will need to ensure you are running the latest version of Rokoko Studio
  2. Connect your Coil Pro to your computer using the USB A to C cable provided. Please only use a Rokoko cable or the USB A to C cable that came with your Smartgloves. If a firmware update is available, a pop up window will appear in Studio prompting you to install it. If no new firmware is available, you will be able to disconnect the Coil Pro from your computer. Please note that your computer will have enough power to update the Coil's firmware, but won't be able to power the Coil for any other use.
  3. Next, using the power supply provided, plug your Coil Pro into a power outlet. Please refer to this guide for information on how to optimize your placement and capture space of the Coil Pro. 
  4. If your Smartgloves/Smartsuit have already been configured to the network you are using, and are running the latest available firmware, you can now power these up. If your Smartgloves/Smartsuit need to be configured to the network you're using, turn the Coil Pro off before doing this. 
  5. Create a new scene in Rokoko Studio. Once the Smartgloves are connected in Rokoko Studio, they will automatically detect and use the EMF data from the Coil Pro, and a visualization of the Coil Pro will also then appear in your scene. The Coil Pro will not appear in Studio until your Smartgloves are connected. We recommend starting with your Smartgloves on their own to check that there is no environment interference before connecting them to a Smartsuit. 
  6. Set up an actor profile following this procedure. The more precise your measurements, the more precise outcomes you will see in your motion capture performances. We recommend paying particularly close attention to your hand measurements. 
  7. Pair your devices with your actor by clicking and dragging the live input onto the actor's name. 
  8. Now you're ready to calibrate. To do this with the Coil Pro, click on your actor profile, followed by the 'Calibrate' button that will appear at the top of your screen. If you have multiple actors, all actors must face in the same direction when calibrating. You can read more about calibrating with the Coil Pro here.Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 10.18.32.png 
  9. You're now ready to record a scene!


If you move out of the Coil Pro’s capture space while using both Smartgloves and Smartsuit - an approximate four meter radius from the Coil - or place your Smartgloves within 50cm of the Coil Pro, then the IMU sensors will take over to calculate your world position, so that there is as little disruption to your recording as possible. It also means that upon re-entry to the capture space, any root drift that has occurred will be corrected by the Coil Pro, which will cause some momentary sliding.



These instructions are available to download in both English and French below / Ces instructions sont disponibles en téléchargement en anglais et en français ci-dessous.


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