Setting Up The Coil Pro

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This is for anyone who's ready to start using the Coil Pro in their full performance set-up. 


Once you're ready to begin using the Coil Pro, it can be mounted on a regular tripod via the threaded mount on the bottom of the Coil Pro. This mount can also be used to position the Coil Pro upside-down over a capture space. Or you can simply place the Coil Pro on the floor or a table. 

For information about specifications, and recommendations regarding the Coil Pro, please click here.


To Begin Recording With Coil Pro:

  1. Launch Rokoko Studio on your computer/laptop. Please note you will need to ensure you are running the latest version of Rokoko Studio. 
  2. Power up the Coil Pro with the included power supply.
  3. Power up your Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves. 
  4. When the Smartgloves have been powered, they will automatically detect and use the EMF data from the Coil Pro, and a visualisation of the Coil Pro will appear in the Studio scene.
  5. Set the WiFi settings for all of the devices in the Device Manager in Rokoko Studio. For assistance with this, please click here
  6. Set up an actor profile following this procedure. The more precise your measurements, the more precise outcomes you will see in your motion capture performances. 
  7. Pair your devices to your actor by clicking and dragging the live input onto the actor's name. Remember to pair the Smartsuit Pro II before pairing your set of Smartgloves. 
  8. You will then be ready to calibrate. To do this with the Coil Pro, position yourself so that you are facing any side of the Coil. Then click the 'Calibrate' button at the top of your screen. If you wish to have multiple active actors in the scene at the same time, all actors must be calibrated one by one. All actors must face in the same direction when calibrating.Coil .png
  9. You're now ready to record your scene!


If you move out of the Coil Pro’s capture space - a five metre radius from the Coil - then the inertial sensors in the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves will kick in so as to not disturb the recording. The Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves will function exactly as they would in a setup where a Coil Pro is not present. Then when you move back into the Coil Pro capture space, your setup will automatically start to use Coil Pro’s magnetic field again.


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