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Autumn Cleaning

Everyone's heard of spring cleaning - but what about autumn cleaning? Well, we're doing just that with this update, focusing mainly on bugfixes, optimizations and some quality-of-life improvements, to make everyone's experience with Rokoko Studio even better.

If you're Command API power user, you'll find lots of new commands and properties to gain even more control over Studio from other applications - for example allowing you to do a full Virtual Production setup via e.g. Unreal Engine or Unity.

Intel-based Mac users can also rejoice, as we've added support for these devices once more. Please forgive us for keeping you in the dark for so long :)

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • Intel-based Mac is now supported - be sure to uninstall and re-download Rokoko Studio to ensure it's installed properly.
  • Character Import & Retargeting
    • Our importer now tries to recognize whether the imported Character has a UE4 or UE5 A-pose, and picks the closest match 
    • Face Capture is now supported on imported Characters that support ARKit-based blendshapes.
  • Export:
    • New UE5 A-Pose available in the export options
  • Command API
    • Info: Added parameters to list Actors and Characters in the scene in the response.
    • *new* Livestream: New command to start/stop livestreaming from Studio to all enabled targets.
    • *new* Playback: New command to start/stop playback of the current active Clip in the scene.
    • *new* Pose: New command to get skeleton hierarchy and relations for a given Actor or Character.
  • Updates to our Unreal Engine and Unity plugins have been updated and re-published to the respective marketplaces (pending approval), including Virtual Production support.
  • Keyboard shortcut keys are now shown in tooltips and context menus, if a related keyboard shortcut exists
  • New integrations:
    • PeelCapture: Added a Rokoko Studio integration device, using the UDP Trigger Messages
    • UE Switchboard: 3 new devices added, one for OBS integration and two for Rokoko Studio (one for Command API and one for UDP Trigger Messages). This can be used for e.g. audio/video reference recordings.


  • We've increased the clip limits in scenes to 30 minutes (up from 10 min), and the warning not being shown during a recording until 5 minutes in.
  • We've bumped the polygon count limit on imported Characters to 300.000, and optimized RAM usage for imported Characters.
  • When you export with a retargeted Character, the export process will export the skeleton, mesh and animation if either the Actor or Character is visible.
  • It is now possible to configure the Wi-Fi settings of a Smartsuit Pro if the sensors are in mixed bootloader states.

Fixed issues

  • Scenes
    • Fixed scene loading issues, if there were conflicting changes in scene assets.
  • Character Import & Retargeting
    • If the selected .fbx file somehow fails to load, it now properly stops the import process and displays an error message.
    • Fixed some cases where the imported Characters were only partially loaded, creating visual artifacts in the 3D viewport.
    • Fixed issues when syncing imported Character textures to avoid data conflicts.
  • Export
    • Fixed several issues related to the Unreal Engine skeleton preset/target 
      • Correct finger reference pose is now set, especially on thumbs
      • Improved roll (twist) extraction algorithm
      • Ensure compatible root alignment (z up)
      • Fixed root motion extraction with alignment
    • Fixed the thumb orientation of exported skeletons.
    • Mixamo and HumanIK exported skeletons now have the correct number of thumb bones.
    • Fixed an issue with the exported mesh being twisted when the actor was moved from the world origin, if imported into Blender.
    • Fixed a crash when exporting long clips (5 mins+)
  • Motion Library
    • Fixed an issue where if you viewed a Motion Library asset in full-screen view before the tile screenshot has finished downloading, the full-screen view would be blank and not load the 3D playback data.
    • Fixed an issue where jumping between a Motion Library asset preview and another tab in Studio's home screen could break the Motion Library asset playback.
  • Command API
    • Fixed a recorded clip was not being properly trimmed if a timecode value was set in the Stop Recording command
  • Other
    • We previously pinged the IP address to test for internet connectivity, which caused issues for some users due to firewall restrictions. We now ping instead.
    • Various UI bugs fixes, such as inactive buttons being highlighted

New known issues

  • Clips longer than 3 minutes (depending on the amount of Actors and paired devices) may fail to sync to our servers. Once a fix is deployed, they will automatically sync the next time you open Studio and are connected to our servers.

See Rokoko Studio - Known Issues for an overview of all known issues.

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