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Hello, Coil Pro!

It's been a long time coming, but now we're finally ready to share our latest product: the Coil Pro. With this Rokoko Studio release, we're bringing full support for the Coil Pro in combination with Smartgloves, giving your hands a precise, absolute position to help eliminate drift (when used with a Smartsuit Pro) and provide accurate multi-object interaction.

As part of the Coil Pro development, we've done a lot of changes under-the-hood in the technology that powers our mocap devices and Rokoko Studio, which means that Smartsuit Pro II's and especially Smartgloves are now running on some new tech, and this means that there's also new firmware versions available that you need to update to in order to use your devices in this Studio version and with the Coil Pro.

We've also added a bunch of quality-of-life improvements and smaller features, and also by popular demand: an Unreal Engine 5 export preset!

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

Hotfix 3 (March 1, 2024)

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where a selected team would sometimes not be loaded, e.g. when running over a VPN. This would cause a lot of issues in Studio, like no projects or scenes being available to open or create.

Hotfix 2 (Feb 22, 2024)


  • Coil Pro calibration now includes additional checks for a valid calibration state, and will also more correctly check if any of these states become invalid during countdown and each Actor calibration.
  • Improvements to detection and messaging around some invalid device states, e.g. if a Smartglove with too low firmware is connected to a Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro, it will communicate that the Smartglove couldn't be initialized.

Fixed issues

  • Smartsuit Pro I hand sensors now work again.
  • Manual DHCP values can now be set again when configuring WiFi for devices.
  • Coil Pro
    • Fixed a specific issue where Coil Pro connected Smartgloves would sometimes suddenly change their global position.
    • Fixed a rare issue where an Actor could sometimes go below ground.
    • Fixed an issue where changing the Coil Pro to ceiling mounted wouldn't be properly applied when re-opening scenes. Corresponding text for setting Coil Pro height has also been updated to indicate it's always distance to floor.
  • Export & Retargeting
    • Fixed an issue where retargeting a Character would not be instantly applied everywhere, e.g. having it included in exports.
    • Retargeting an imported Character now works again for Rokoko Vision clips.
    • Fixed an issue where re-importing a Character that has been exported from Studio, using the UE5 skeleton preset, would result in a misaligned head.
    • Modified scale of an imported Character is now properly applied in exports.

Hotfix 1 (Feb 07, 2024)


  • Add a new toggleable smoothing filter on Smartgloves/hands, that can be enabled/disabled in the live scene. When enabled, the smoothed output will be saved into recordings. The filter state is saved locally, so it will remain disabled if chosen.
  • When exiting and re-entering the Coil Pro space in recordings, when also using a Smartsuit Pro, has now been improved to provide a smoother transition when fixing potential drift.
  • When setting wifi settings on your Rokoko devices, we now highlight the chosen receiver port with red/yellow/green if it's not a valid port value (red), if it's not matching the port value defined in the Studio you're running (yellow), and if it does match the port value in the Studio you're running (green).

Fixed issues

  • When the Smartgloves Coil Pro sensor saturates, but is used in combination with a suit, it will maintain the orientation from the Smartgloves, avoiding an odd-looking slow rotation of the hands towards the suit-defined rotations.
  • Fixed an issue with the timeline in Clip View not being properly displayed until re-sized the first time in a session.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Rokoko device listening port in Studio didn't properly work.
  • When doing a "wifi network scan" in Device Manager, the UI wasn't properly blocked, making it possible to get into a locked device state.
  • Fixed an issue with some imported Characters not being exported properly. While there have been several fixes here, we are still aware of some export issues for imported Characters and will continue looking into this.
  • Fixed an issue with the Actor head being made invisible when zooming towards it (but way before actually going into the head)

New features

  • Support for the Coil Pro
  • Unreal Engine 5 export skeleton preset
  • Set "mesh visibility" of Actors and Characters
    • Full body, Hands only, Face only, Hands-and-face
    • This is also auto-set when pairing e.g. only Smartgloves and/or Face Capture (you can override this yourself at any time)
  • New firmware:
  • Device diagnostics
    • Additional diagnostics data shown for Smartsuit Pro sensors
    • Device error is now displayed in case a sensor lose their calibration values (in which case you'll need to contact support)
  • When pairing a Smartglove, a matching Smartglove in a pair (e.g. the left glove for your right glove) will automatically be paired to the same Actor
    • This can be turned off in settings, which will also disable the auto-pairing for Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro devices.
  • New livestreaming setting (found on the Livestreaming tab) to enable only streaming Actors and Characters that are driven by live motion capture devices, as opposed to all content in the scene


  • Revamped Device Manager UI
    • List of connected devices is now a dropdown instead of a popup
    • The popup also includes a list of connected/detected phones running the Face Capture app
    • Updated information and status details of your devices
  • Scenes
    • Revamped calibration UI, partly to support Coil calibration. Also improves calibration of multiple Actors simultaneously.
    • After calibrating or editing actors, you're returned to your previous camera view
    • Selected objects in the 3D scene are now indicated with an outline (this can be turned off in settings)
    • Update the clip playback speed in the panel will update the speed instantly, if you're playing back the clip
    • Visibility states are now saved individually in recorded clips and the live scene
  • Dashboard
    • When creating new scenes from the main dashboard view, the last used project is saved and re-used
  • General
    • A new UI element will show if you're running an outdated version of Rokoko Studio (which is never recommended)
    • You can now click notification toasters to have them go away instantly

Fixed issues

  • Rokoko devices
    • Fixed various setup and configuration issues with the Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II with Smartgloves connected, so it now boots up correctly more consistently and also displays the correct values (e.g. the custom name) of the connected Smartgloves.
    • Fixed an issue with Smartsuit Pro II with Atmel hubs, where the Scan Wifi Networks command always resulted in an error, and subsequent commands then also produced errors.
  • Export
    • Fixed an issue with an additional bone always being added when exporting from Studio, for both exported Actors and Characters.
    • Fixed an issue with root extraction sometimes being inverted.
    • Fixed wrong number of frames in the header of exported .bvh files.
    • Fixed manual adjustments to Character positions not being included in exports.
  • Livestreaming
    • Fixed an issue where face blendshapes couldn't be properly sent/received when livestreaming.
    • Fixed livestreaming using JSON (and not JSON-LZ4) not working on Mac/OSX, at least for some OSX versions.
  • Dashboard
    • Fixed an issue where thumbnails for Rokoko Vision-created scenes required a Studio restart before they would show up.
  • Offline Mode & Cloud Sync
    • Fixed an issue causing Studio to take a very long time to start up while being offline.
    • Fixed an issue with clips longer than ~3 minutes wouldn't sync to the cloud. If you have clips that were never synced due to this issue, they will be synced the next time you run Rokoko Studio after having received this update.
  • Command API
    • Fixed an issue with the Pose command never responding on the first request.
    • Fixed an issue with the Playback command not updating the Studio UI if changing playback speed.

New known issues

Coil Pro

Magnetic Field Warping

  • Some elements and objects in a room can cause "magnetic field warping" to the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by the Coil Pro, distorting its position in the world. Currently, this is most directly indicated via the Diagnostics panel in Studio in relation to the "signal quality" value of the Coil Pro; the closer it is to 100%, the more accurate the Coil Pro defined position should be. We are, however, working on better understanding this issue and hope to generally improve it in the future. In the meantime, we recommend that you try in different locations and positions if you're seeing medium or bad signal quality for your Coil Pro.

Hand Jitter / Signal Noise

  • There can sometimes be some or a lot of noise on the Coil Pro generated position, resulting in "hand jitter". This is especially noticeable if you bend your hand backwards (which causes the EMF generator on the Smartglove itself to saturate the EMF sensor used for the Coil Pro) or put two Smartgloves close together - at some point, the signal will simply "over-saturate" and the Coil Pro position not used at that time, but in the period up until that, you will see more and more jitter. We are working towards improving and solving this in various angles, and primarily aim to introduce some smoothing of the data very soon.

Other known issues and limitations

  • Sony mocopi is currently not compatible with the Coil Pro (i.e. with Smartgloves using a Coil Pro signal).
  • Elevation Tracking is currently disabled when using a Coil Pro connected Actor.
    • To use elevation tracking in a scene where the Actor was previously connected to a coil, you need to unpair and pair again the devices, while Coil Pro is disconnected, in order to remove the "connected to Coil Pro" status of the Actor.
    • Alternatively, create a new scene without a Coil Pro powered on.
  • When calibrating, the origin position of the Coil Pro connected Actors is not changed to their Coil Pro defined world position.
  • It's currently not possible to set the Coil Pro to being ceiling mounted, unless there's minimum one Actor in the scene with paired Coil Pro connected Smartgloves.

See Coil Pro - Known Issues for an overview of all known Coil Pro issues.


  • There will sometimes be a short lag/performance spike after calibrating.
  • Some retargeted Characters will have issues on their mesh when exported.

See Rokoko Studio - Known Issues for an overview of all known Rokoko Studio issues.

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