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Improved Coil Pro and Face Capture

Since the release of our newest product, Coil Pro, in the end of January, a large portion of our team has been committed to work on improvements to enhance and mature the product. While many fruits of this labor is still some ways out, this first major Studio release since Coil Pro went live has some important updates.

Most importantly, you can now use Elevation Tracking with your Coil Pro, when used with a Smartsuit Pro II. It still works mostly the same as Elevation Tracking already does, e.g. by setting a "step height" to indicate the expected height levels. But there's also been a ton of under-the-hood improvements and fixes to make for a smoother and more reliable experience.

We've also introduced the very first filters for Face Capture, allowing you to modify expressions and blink ranges to take control over exactly how your facial capture should look. And like most of our other filters, you can toggle and adjust these both in live and recordings.

Read on for the full release details. We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

Hotfix 1 (May 16, 2024)

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where in some older scenes, foot locks were not displayed and editable after reloading a scene, if you had changed target actor for a clip
  • Fixed several flow issues regarding incorrectly detecting if Smartsuit Pro sensors are disconnected or in bootloader loading, which should remove several incorrect error messages.
  • Fixed an error when trying to delete an imported Character from a copied scene or a sample scene.
  • The new "Update available" now actually shows up if you're running an older version of Rokoko Studio.
  • Switched functionality of the zoom in/out buttons in the Timeline to act more correctly, i.e. + now zooms in.

New features

  • Coil Pro
  • Added Face Capture filters
    • Sync eyes
    • Adjust expressions (eyes, brows, jaw, mouth)
    • Adjust blink range (left eye, right eye)
  • Export
    • Added an option to not override existing files with the same name (will instead add a new file with " (n)" at the end)
    • Added a "Reset to default" button
  • All measurement input fields now have their measurement type set in Studio Settings, as a global setting, and for those using the imperial system, it now displays both feet and inches input fields.


  • Coil Pro
    • Reduced noise in determining global position of an Actor when the Coil Pro signal quality is sub-optimal.
    • Global positioning estimations have been improved when the solved pose is more ambiguous.
    • Reduced shoulder popping/jitter when using Coil Pro connected Smartgloves, and shoulder rotation is better maintained when you're in a T-pose.
    • A persistent toaster notification will now show if you've had consistently bad Coil Pro signal quality over an extended period of time.
    • The Coil Pro calibration flow has been updated to include more detection and information about bad data states that should be improved before calibrating.
  • Tweaked some algorithms in our Locomotion solver due avoid rigid feet snapping when feet er locked in live view.
  • When starting a debug data recording, a persistent toaster will show during the ongoing recording, and an embedded button can be used to stop the recording again and open the relevant folder.
  • Several scene-selection options have been moved to the right-side Details panel, including:
    • Actor animation filters
    • Retargeting options
    • Coil Pro options
  • A warning is now shown in the Device Diagnostics section if an "invalid" Smartglove-pair is used in a Glove-ready Smartsuit Pro (invalid = the two Smartgloves don't share a serial number and are thus not configured as an actual pair, which can lead to some issues and worse performance).

Fixed issues

  • Coil Pro
    • Fixes several issues during initialization, calibration or when re-entering the Col Pro space, that could cause Actors or one of the Smartgloves to be set to an incorrect world position, until Rokoko Studio had been restarted.
    • The "is ceiling mounted" option for Coil Pro can now be set even before there's a Coil Pro attached Actor in the scene.
    • Reduced likelihood of a Coil Pro showing up on a Studio scene without an actual Coil Pro nearby.
  •  Export
    • Fixed several issues around bind pose breaking during import and/or export for some meshes, including fixes for:
      • Exports without mesh and an overridden rest pose will result in a twisted rest pose.
      • Exports with mesh get exported only with the default rest pose regardless of the rest pose override.
    • Fixed non-mesh exports having twisted rest poses.
    • Fixed reference pose for the UE5 Manny skeleton target.
  •  Firmware
    • Fixed an issue where the device firmware update would file due to the file format not being recognized (error 25).
    • Fixed issues when detecting sensor firmware versions, leading to not encouraging and allowing a firmware update if just one sensor had the newest firmware version.
  • Other
    • Camera Follow now works even before calibrating.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the end time in recordings was slightly off between layers.
    • When changing some values, e.g. Coil Pro distance to floor or Elevation Tracking snap height, via sliders, too many events would be added to the undo stack.
    • Undo/redo for Coil Pro options, Actor filters and Retargeting options wouldn't be reflected in the UI until the panels were refreshed.
    • Fixed an issue causing the "New asset" tiles in Motion Library to not load until hovered.

New known issues

  • Devices
    • It is not possible to connect only Smartgloves (over WiFi) when running Rokoko Studio on a Mac. We are working on addressing this in an upcoming hotfix. 
    • Debug data logs cannot be saved if your username contains non-ASCII characters. We are working on addressing this in an upcoming hotfix. 
  • Import Character
    • The "Mirror Mesh" retargeting option may not work for some imported Characters.
  • Export
    • When exporting, any modifications made to a retargeted Character is not applied to the exported Character. We are working on addressing this in an upcoming hotfix. 
    • We've seen rare cases of Error 900 being thrown when exporting in some older scenes. A workaround for this is to add a new Actor to the scene, and then right-clicking the clip in the outliner and setting target Actor to the new Actor. 
    • Arm bones are missing when exporting to .bvh using the Manny (UE5) skeleton target
    • iClone exports have rotated ankles when retargeted in iClone
    • UE exports with the rest pose overridden, are angled 90 degrees.

See Rokoko Studio - Known Issues for an overview of all known issues, and Coil Pro - Known Issues for those specifically related to Coil Pro.

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