Managing your Rokoko Studio Team

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This article details how to manage your Rokoko Team. 

Video Guide to Subscription Plans & Teams

Managing your Rokoko Team

You can manage your Rokoko credentials and subscription by logging into When you have logged in you will be directed to the Teams overview page where you can select the Team you wish to manage:

Inviting collaborators to your Rokoko Team

Under Team -> Team Collaborators you can invite collaborators by typing in their email address, selecting a role and choosing invite:

In this example we will invite a Creator. Please refer to this article for an explanation of the different roles and permissions available to you:

Once invited, the invitee will receive an email similar to this:

Once the invitee has clicked the link and successfully created their Rokoko ID, they will need to log in to to accept the invitation.


Please note that accepting the invitation will charge the team's (the team the new partner will join) credit card without confirmation first. This is something we are working on fixing.

If you need to upgrade your members to premium roles, please reach out to for questions.


The invitee can accept the invitation by clicking the tick box:

Once the invitee has accepted the invite, they will officially become member of your team! They will also now appear in the Team -> Team Collaborators page:

Modifying the role of a collaborator in your Rokoko Team

If you are a team owner or admin, you can modify the role of a collaborator by clicking the dropdown next to their name and role.

There are two points to consider:

  • A team can have multiple owners. 
  • You are not able to modify your own role even if you are an owner or admin. You will need another team owner or admin to downgrade or upgrade you if necessary.

Removing collaborators from your Rokoko Team

You can remove collaborators from your Team by clicking the little bin icon to the right of their details. 

Upgrading your Team subscription

Please refer to this article to learn how to create a team and upgrade your plan.


Modifying a Team subscription

You can easily modify an active subscription under Admin Dashboard. You will be able to view and modify your active subscriptions as well as view past and upcoming invoices.  11.png

Activating Face Capture for a member of your team

If you have a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise subscription and would like to activate Face Capture, please click on the '+' sign next to the name of the team member who will be using this add-on. Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 13.44.33.png

Once confirmed, the Face Capture subscription will be activated.


Auto Renewal

In the Admin Dashboard, you can also turn off auto-renew.



Renaming a Team

Team Owners can rename their team by clicking on the arrow to the right of the respective team and choosing rename: Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 13.52.54.png

Once you have renamed your team, hit enter and the new name will be saved. If this fails, please reach out to the support team for assistance.

An example of a team being renamed:

Deleting a Team

Only Team owners can delete their team. Performing this action cancels all current subscriptions immediately, and hides the team for all members. It can be restored within 14 days by clicking a link that is sent to the owner(s) via email. After 14 days the team is erased. Any existing account balance is also lost.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 13.55.38.png

An example of a team being deleted:

Top up your wallet (For purchasing Motion Library assets)

In order to purchase Motion Library assets you need to have available funds in your team balance. This portion of our video tutorial walks you through topping up your wallet. You can manage your team balance by clicking the blue Top up button under Team -> Team Collaborators:

At this point you can choose how much you wish to load your balance with and apply a voucher code if applicable.

Updating your billing information and payment card

In order to update your default payment card, click on the team in question and choose Admin Dashboard. You will need to click Billing and Payment:image (2).png

Here you can update you billing information or replace your default card by choosing Replace.

Adding a credit card

In order to add a credit card, please click on the Admin Dashboard for the relevant team and choose Billing and Payment.

You will have the option to add a credit card under Payment Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q -Is it possible to try out Rokoko Studio Plus & Face Capture one time before buying?

A -Yes! Every customer will have one opportunity to try out Rokoko Studio Plus & Face Capture for one whole month! Instructions for claiming your free trial can be found in this article.

Q - How do I assign a Face Capture add on to myself or a member of my team?

A - When adding Face Capture, it will automatically be assigned to you. Please refer to this article for guidance on applying an add-on to someone in your team. 

Q - I have purchased a Face Capture Add On but the functionality is still locked in Rokoko Studio. What do I do?

A - Please ensure you are logging in to Rokoko studio with the correct team and as a user that has the add on assigned. Please refer to this article for guidance on applying an add-on to someone in your team.

Q - I can't log in, what should I do?

A - If you experience issues logging into your Rokoko ID account, please raise a ticket via the Help & Community or email us at

Q - I have invited a new collaborator to my team but they have not received the invitation, what should I do?

A - Please make sure the invitation has not landed in their spam or junk folder. If this is confirmed, please raise a ticket via the Help & Community or email us at

Q - My payment fails when subscribing to a license plan, what should I do?

A - If you experience issues when paying for a subscription plan, please raise a ticket via the Help & Community or email us at

Q - Is a license restricted to a single machine?

A - The license is bound to the Rokoko ID (team member) and is not limited to a single computer. As long as you login with the same credentials, regardless of the machine you will have access to relevant plan.

Q - Can team members leave the team?

A - Yes, team members can click the arrow to the right of the team in question and choose "Leave team". 

This action cannot be undone so if the team member wishes to rejoin, they will need to be sent a new invitation.


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