Retarget an animation in Blender

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This article is for anyone who wants to know how to retarget their exported Rokoko Studio Body and Face animations to their custom characters in Blender

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Starter Plus Pro Enterprise

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Install the Rokoko Studio Blender plugin. Instructions for doing this can be found here. Please note that the retargeting feature is not a paid feature and does not need a premium account.


The retargeting of face capture animations is done in a different way. You basically need to select the face data, copy them, select all the keyframes of the custom character and paste them. A useful video showing the whole process is attached at the end of the guide.

Video Tutorial - Retarget animations in Blender


  • We start with importing the FBX animation into Blender.ew.PNG

    Select your animation. Make sure the Automatic Bone orientation is ticked upon importing your FBX file.


In order to retarget an animation in Blender you will need to do the following:

  • Open the Retargeting panel.

  • Select an armature with animation as the source armature, select an armature that should receive the animation as the target armature and then press "Build Bone List".

  • Check if the bones got filled in correctly and fix any incorrect or missing bones.

  • Select "Auto Scale" if the armatures differ in size or resize them manually.
  • In "Use Pose:" select the pose that should be used for retargeting.

Important: Make sure that both armature are in the same pose for correct retargeting.

  • Press "Retarget Animation".
  • If you come across weird results such as feet going over the ground, or if the hips are staying in place, try disabling "Auto scale" and/or using the "Current" option in the Use Pose.

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