Rokoko Studio 2.0.0 - Hello world!

Welcome to the new Rokoko Studio Beta

Build version (25th January 2022)

We're super excited to share our first release of the new Rokoko Studio Beta with all our users.

This is still software in early development, meaning there are plenty of issues to be ironed out, improvements to address and features to add, but we are releasing it today to continue that journey with our fantastic community!

Whenever a new update is released, Studio Beta will automatically update itself to the latest version - and then you'll be able to visit this page to get all details on what has been fixed and added.

For more information about the new Studio Beta, visit the main info page.

Feedback is essential as you join us on this development journey, so be sure to hit one of our feedback channels:

New Rokoko Remote app

In order to use Face Capture in the new Rokoko Studio Beta, a new Rokoko Remote app will be required. This app is currently in review at Apple to be released on the App Store and therefore unfortunately not currently available to download. We will be sure to let you know when it is!

Known issues

The known issues page will be continually updated as part of every release.

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