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Our first minor update

A core part of our vision for the new Rokoko Studio is to run and operate it as a Software-as-a-Service, meaning that we'll continue to build upon and improve the product. With our new technology platform, we can seamlessly deliver updates to all our users, and we hope to deliver a steady stream of both bigger and smaller updates.

We will aim for delivering minor updates - such as this - at fairly high frequencies (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly), whereas major updates will probably be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The smaller updates will mostly include improvements and bug fixes, and occasionally new minor features, whereas the major updates will include significant new features and improvements.

We're super excited about this capability to continuously and seamlessly improve the product and experience, and we hope that you will to! Here's what's new in our first "minor" update


  • Colored labels are now shown above actors when selecting them in the Scene Outliner or hovering them in the 3D viewport.
  • Several 3D viewport rendering improvements:
    • Higher quality shadows
    • Adder ambient occlusion
    • Improve transparency shader for unpaired live input
  • Boost Mode status for Smartsuit Pro II can now be seen and toggled on both the Devices tab in the Scene view and in the Diagnostics panel in Device Manager.
  • The Wifi panel in Device Manager should now show all existing/previously set values by default (if any).
  • Added an About panel under Help & Support, including links to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Fixed issues

Scene View and Setup

  • Fixed an issue where some of the Actor materials were pink when re-opening a scene.
  • Fixed an issue where transform values for Actors were reset to 0,0,0 when re-opening a scene.
  • Fixed several issues with the auto-numbering on newly recorded clips; it should now count properly.

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • Fixed an issue where locomotion foot locks wouldn't be properly set if starting a recording mid-motion.
  • Fixed an issue where device diagnostics could not be hovered while recording a clip.
  • Fixed an issue in the timeline, where the start/end visible range markers could be dragged past each other.

Device Manager

  • Fixed an issue where devices were sometimes intialized without a name, causing error 401 when applying Wifi settings.
  • Fixed several issues with firmware upgrades, e.g. not updating the version number after a succesful update or ending on an error message despite a succesful update.
  • Fixed several issues with Wifi settings, e.g. not auto-selecting frequency and security type when selecting a network and requiring the password field when selecting security type "Open".
  • The new firmware panel now lists to the correct Release Notes pages for Smartgloves.

New known issues

  • Unpaired live inputs are still shown in Clip View
  • Scene thumbnails don't have the proper width when mirror mode is enabled while closing the scene
  • Signing out of Rokoko Studio doesn't sign you out of the Rokoko ID website

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues

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