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Suit-and-glove up!

Roughly a month since we went live with Rokoko Studio Beta, it's now time for our first "major" update. Now, "major" can mean a lot of things and not necessarily equally important for everyone. Usually, a major update contains significant new features or overhauls. This time around, it means that we're launching Studio Beta for Mac, while also adding support for the glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II. This means users with that suit can connect their gloves straight to the Smartsuit, using the same shared battery-source and having all the wifi data sent from the same hub.

As we'll continue to develop and improve Studio Beta, we're aiming to release a new "major" update on a monthly basis. Sometimes we may skip a month for an even more feature-packed release coming after, but that'll likely just mean "minor" updates in between (these mainly focus on bug fixes and minor improvements).

We hope you enjoy this first of many "major" updates - and be sure to share your feedback in our Discord channel. You can also suggest or vote for new features on our Productboard portal.

New features

  • Rokoko Studio Beta now available for macOS
  • Support for the glove-ready Smartsuit Pro II*
  • Boost mode is now saved directly on your Smartsuit Pro II*
  • New export options:
    • Include reference T-pose on frame 0
    • Enable middle blend-shapes
  • Set a custom calibration countdown time (under Settings)
  • Added a "Studio Beta updates" modal that is automatically shown on first run after the release of a new major or minor update
  • New device firmware

*Requires upgrade to the newest firmware


  • Modified our UI scaling code, which should generally result in sharper, less blurry text and icon rendering (still pending some icon/graphics updates in some cases)
  • Device firmware updates now show a progress bar
  • The colored circle beneath actors is now filled, instead of only outlined
  • Added a link to a YouTube tutorial on how to clean your mocap recordings to the timeline
  • Added and improved some error code descriptions
  • Added a clip progress counter when exporting multiple clips at the same time
  • Reduce the excessive camera speed when holding down shift while moving
  • Updated the visual design of the auto-updater

Fixed issues

  • Disabled the ability to have multiple scene tabs open at the same time. We simply discovered too many issues with this feature at the moment that could have data corruption consequences. We'll look into re-enabling it at a later stage.

Studio Auto-updater

  • Fixed an issue where the auto-updater sometimes didn't download and install all the files, generating an error when trying to launch Studio Beta
  • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes have to run the auto-updater twice to update and launch Studio Beta

Scene View and Setup

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete an actor if it was already selected in the scene outliner
  • Disabled pairing/unpairing devices when in Clip View, which could break functionality
  • Fixed an issue with the scene outliner content "jittering" when resizing the timeline height
  • Fixed an issue where the actor position would be reverted to 0,0,0 when re-opening a scene
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D camera controls (W, A, S, D) would not work if you activated the 3D viewport by clicking a translation gizmo
  • Fixed several issues regarding device pairing/unpairing, e.g. when re-opening existing scenes
  • Fixed an issue where an actor label would show in the 3D viewport if the actor was behind the camera
  • Fixed an issue where non-clip actors remained ghosted after exiting clip view
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on "device ghosts" would show a translation gizmo
  • Changing the visibility state of an actor from the contextual toolbar didn't change the icon in the scene outline

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • Fixed an issue when calibrating both Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves paired to the same actor, causing the hands to be inside the hips after a successful and correct calibration
  • Fixed several issues around starting and stopping recordings while being in or entering Clip View, or if all paired devices had been disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where clips didn't always sync and save properly to the cloud
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to exit clip view if the clip upload failed
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't record if only Face Capture was paired to an actor

Device Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the wifi network scan showed several empty elements in the list (a few empty elements may still show, but should be far fewer than before)
  • Frequency band and security type should now be properly auto-selected when choosing a wifi network from the dropdown
  • The Receiver IP list is now updated if you re-open the Device Manager after having changed your network settings or connected networks
  • Fixed an issue where error descriptions longer than 3 lines could not be fully displayed


  • Fixed an issue where clip names containing "\" or "/" would not get exported
  • Fixed an issue where exports using custom actor profile values would add an offset to the head position
  • Fixed an issue where the animatable face was exported if the clip had a face layer, but the Face export option was disabled
  • Fixed several Blender-related issues with export, e.g. trimmed clips appearing as untrimmed


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to click "Create project" twice by accident

New known issues

  • Mac: USB devices will not connect on Intel-based Macs running Monteray (OS-level issue; not something we can fix)
  • Mac: Studio Beta can become unresponsive if running idle for 10 minutes and wifi devices are connected
  • Mac: Some users may experience that they need to allow incoming connections every time they open Studio Beta, and not just on the first launch.
  • Some issues regarding left/right Smartglove pairing when re-opening a scene
  • After a firmware upgrade, some suits will sometimes have an empty name, which can break other functionality. As a workaround, simply remove and re-plug the suit to the computer
  • The actor state (e.g. position) is currently not saved in clip recordings
  • Livestreaming data can be "twitchy"
  • Actor label will still shown when hovering the initial placement, after having moved the actor
  • If changing teams with scene open, new scenes will contain content from the previous scene
  • When moving items in the timeline, they may sometimes move at a different speed than the mouse cursor
  • Several issues related to using exported clips in Blender, e.g. weird-looking mesh and animation if the actor had previously been moved in Studio Beta before exporting

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues

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