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Time to get exportin'!

We know that Rokoko Studio is just a small (but significant part) of bigger animation pipelines, and therefore our exporting and livestreaming functionality is critical to make it a fitting piece of the puzzle. With this release, we've therefore focused on implementing some of the most critical export options.

Maybe most significantly, you can now choose a Skeleton Target to export to. This includes all the options from Studio Legacy - Rokoko Newton, HumanIK, Mixamo and 3ds Max Biped - but we've also added the highly requested option for the Unreal Engine Skeleton Target (note that this doesn't include exporting in an A-pose, but that's still something we're looking into for a future release).

We've also brought back .bvh export, giving your a broader range of export options. Of course, .bvh is a more limited file format compared to .fbx, so you'll see some export options disappear if you choose .bvh - not much we can do about that, I'm afraid.

While we're working on a range of other new features that's still some ways out, we're also happy to introduce some smaller, but significant quality-of-life features, such as drag'n'drop to pair live input or an arrow indicator for selected actors that are out-of-view.

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • New export options
    • Export as .bvh
    • Skeleton targets (Rokoko Newton, HumanIK, Mixamo, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max Biped)
    • Constant Key Reducer toggle (reduces export file size and speed by not including a keyframe on every frame)
  • Added drag'n'drop for live input to actor pairing
  • Added a 3D viewport arrrow for showing out-of-view selected Actors
  • Added a built-in Net Promoter Score survey to get better ongoing feedback
  • Added the option to not use the L4Z json compression for custom livestreaming targets


  • Improved all icons and graphics to be more optimized and crisp
  • Show explanation tooltip when the recording button is disabled
  • Added and updated some error code names and descriptions
  • Clip View is automatically exited, when starting a new recording from the Command API/Face Capture app
  • Improved flow when changing Studio Beta settings, to better highlight applied changes and when there's changes to apply

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where Studio Beta would become unresponsive if it had been left idle for 10 minutes or more, and with one or more wifi devices connected
  • Fixed an issue where the same account could be log into Studio Beta on multiple computers at the same time

Scene View and Setup

  • Actor labels on hover now show at the correct place, even if Actors have been moved
  • Confirmation dialog is now showing when changing teams and the scene is still syncing
  • Right-aligned icons in the Scene Outliner are now always shown, regardless of panel width

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • The actor state (e.g. position) is now saved and applied to recorded clips, so that changing the actor position afterwards doesn't impact the recorded clip
  • The "Reset Locomotion" option now works, resetting the Locomotion segments to their initial state after having recorded
  • When unpairing live devices, their ghosted 3D representation no longer retain the filters of the actor they were paired to


  • Fixed an issue with Body and Face meshes being separated when importing into Blender
  • Fixed an issue where imports to Blender was corrupted if the Actor had been moved in Studio Beta
  • Fixed an issue where rig bones were not showing when importing to Maya, unless the Body Mesh was included in the export


  • Fixed an issue with "twitchy" livestreaming due to missing render interpolation
  • Fixed the wrong order of thumb joints 

Devices and Device Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the device name would sometimes be empty after a firmware upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where wifi settings couldn't be applied to devices with empty names
  • Smartgloves left/right are now more accurately displayed as left or right gloves in both names, icons and diagnostics
  • Firmware status for wifi devices is now disabled, as it was not showing correct values


Rokoko ID Website

  • Creators and member roles can now invite people to the team (at roles lower than their own), and the role dropdown now only shows the valid values
  • Creators can now change the role of other users (to roles lower than their own)
  • Proper error is now returned for Starter Plan teams that try to add creator seats above the allowed threshold

Known issues

New known issues:

  • If you delete an Actor/Newton from the scene that is linked to a recorded clip, it currently breaks the clip from being played back, livestreamed or exported
  • Export
    • Exporting as .bvh with the 3ds max biped skeleton target gives an empty scene when importing to 3ds max
    • Exporting using HumanIK skeleton target does not have working face animations
    • Changes to the Actor position are not considered when exporting to a skeleton target other the Rokoko Newton
  • The first time you enter clip view for longer recorded clips, the animations will not show properly. Just exit and re-enter the clip to get it working.
  • Actor/Newton's head blendshapes are sometimes causing mesh distortions on the side of the head
  • When removing a foot lock segment in the timeline, foot lock remains active until the end of the next segment
  • The Receiver IP in Wifi settings of a device isn't always properly set to the currently set Receiver IP on the device
  • The "Selecting team" loading screen doesn't show immediately and disappears prematurely when starting up Studio Beta
  • Clips in the export list aren't updated if a clip is renamed
  • A selected object remains selected when entering clip view, even if it's not in the clip
  • Application window resize issues:
    • The 3D viewport out-of-view arrows don't adjust properly when resizing
    • Some text from collapsed left or right panels may show

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues

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