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Goodbye asset limit!

In this update, the most significant change is that we've now removed the asset limit for all subscription plans, meaning that you can add all the actors and clips you want in your team(s). We've heard your feedback loud and clear.

However, to ensure we have a sufficiently compelling paid subscription, we've removed the 15-minute free livestreaming per day on the Starter plan. If you want to try it out though, you can now start a free 30-day trial of the Plus plan.

That's of course not all. We've added a bunch of new features and improvements, such as keyboard shortcuts and being able to see the sensor diagnostics during clip playback. You can find the entire list below.

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • You can now use a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. We don't have the information available yet within Studio, but you can find a list of shortcuts here.
  • The sensor diagnostics of your Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves are now saved with your recordings, so you can see them when playing back clips. This can help you investigate the cause of motion data issues. It still has a few bugs (see known issues below).
  • If you want to try out the Face Capture add-on, and you haven't used the trial before, it can now be started within Studio Beta (you'll see the option to activate it when pairing the Face Capture input device to an actor)
  • Double-clicking assets in the scene outliner now initiates a specific action based on the context. E.g. double-clicking an Actor while in Live View will immediately go to editing the Actor Profile.
  • You can now drag'n'drop live input onto Actors in the 3D viewport to pair them.
  • The mouse cursor icon now changes to indicate drag'n'drop states. Additional mouse icon changes to indicator behaviors will be added in the future.
  • You can now choose to only calibrate paired Smartsuit Pro and/or Smartgloves within the right-click context menu. However, we always recommend you calibrate both simultaneously and may create some issues otherwise.


  • The pairing menu in the Contextual Toolbar no longer closes when pairing/unpairing, so it's faster to do multiple pair/unpair in succession.
  • The Contextual Toolbar buttons are now more correctly shown or hidden depending on the scene selection and active view.
  • Paired input devices that are disconnected are now no longer shown in the pairing menus.
  • The right-click menu for the scene outliner items has been re-ordered for improved grouping of actions and moving the most common actions to the top.
  • The Command API for recording start/stop now passes the time of a current ongoing recording.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue with pairing to the Face Capture app, where you sometimes had to reset the time/clock on both the phone and computer to have it working.
  • Record:
    • Fixed an issue where recording with multiple devices (e.g. suit and gloves) resulted in the recorded layers not having identical durations.
    • Fixed an issue when using the glove-ready suit, where the Smartgloves and Smartsuit Pro layers weren't correctly aligned, causing animation artifacts
  • Export:
    • Fixed an issue with HumanIK exports not having working facial animations.
    • Actor positions are now taken into account when exporting to any skeleton target.
    • Clip exports now start from the defined playback range value and not always from 0.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting a clip and entering a new one retained the playback state (e.g. actively playing the clip).
  • The list of clips to be exported now updates when renaming a clip.
  • The global header is now disabled/not clickable when loading a scene.
  • The loading screen now shows more accurately during team switching.
  • Sensors that are disconnected or not working now show the appropriate color for live device diagnostics.
  • Fixed an issue where changing team and then back to the previous one would cause you to remain stuck in the loading screen.

New known issues

  • Exported .bvh files cannot be imported into Blender, if your computer's locale setting uses , instead of . for the decimal separator (i.e. writes "24,45" instead of "24.45"). Until the issue is fixed, please change your computer's locale settings if you want to use exported .bvh files in Blender.
  • Sensor diagnostics in clip playback don't accurately show the color for sensors that are disconnected or not working
  • When changing the start/end range of a clip in the timeline, and the current timeline marker is outside the new start/end range, it will move to a random time position in the new range instead of the new start/end value

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues

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